What is Share boarding a horse?

What is Share boarding a horse?

People in the horse industry sometimes enter into arrangements through which the horse is shared by agreement between two people, while only one of them owns the horse. People in the horse industry call these arrangements “half lease” or “share board” arrangements.

What is partial horse boarding?

Partial care is a hybrid of full and self-care boarding. This can be a good option to save a little money, but requires more work on your part. Often, with partial care, you are expected to supply the hay, feed, and bedding, but the barn provides the housing space and has staff to feed on a schedule.

Can I make money boarding horses?

Whether you rent out a few stalls or an entire barn, boarding horses can be a profitable business when done correctly. Treat your operation like a real business in order to have success. You’ll be able to turn your passion for horses into either a supplemental or full-time income.

How much should I charge for self care horse boarding?

Boarding Costs

Service Annual fee
Partial-board care $3,600 to $5,400+
Pasture board $1,800 to $4,800+
Self-care board $1,200 to $2,400
Boarding a horse on your own Significantly varies

What does leasing a horse mean?

What Does Leasing a Horse Mean? When you are leasing a horse, you are paying a set fee for the ability and privilege of additional riding time on that particular horse. In many ways, leasing a horse is similar to owning a horse, albeit with fewer financial responsibilities.

Does horse boarding include hay?

In addition to making money boarding horses, most facilities make an additional income selling hay, bedding, and feed to their customers and providing services, such as riding lessons.

What is needed to start a horse boarding business?

Plan a Successful Boarding Business

  1. Scope out legalities. Consider zoning, business permits and your state’s lien laws.
  2. Evaluate your facilities.
  3. Investigate the cost of liability insurance.
  4. Research your market.
  5. Crunch the numbers.
  6. Draw up a legal boarding contract.

How much should I charge for self-care horse boarding?

What are my options for boarding my horse?

Partial boarding is another option. In this situation, you share the use of your horse with another person in exchange for cheaper boarding costs.

How much does it cost to board a horse?

Horse boarding fees can range anywhere from $150 to a shocking $2,000 a month in some areas. Full care boarding requires the most work which makes it the most expensive option. The costs progressively decline based on the percentage of care the boarding facility agrees to take on.

Where should I board my horse?

Boarding your horse at a horse-centered facility is the best option for equestrians in this situation. Deciding where to board your horse begins with learning about the different types of boarding and options that horse boarding facilities offer.

What is a shared tack room for boarding?

A shared tack room means that you will have to share it with other boarders and risk having your equipment taken, lost or used while you are not there. Horse boarding facilities house several horses for different boarders and security should be high on their list of priorities.