What is Ptex map?

What is Ptex map?

Ptex is a texture mapping system developed by Walt Disney Animation Studios for production-quality rendering: No UV assignment is required! Ptex applies a separate texture to each face of a subdivision or polygon mesh. The Ptex file format can efficiently store hundreds of thousands of texture images in a single file.

What is VRAY material?

V-Ray Materials are the main workhorses for creating shaders in V-Ray. 80% of the time it is all you need to create realistic results that also render quite fast. It is optimized to work with all other aspects of V-Ray (lights, GI, sampling, etc.), so it should always be used instead of 3ds Max native materials.

How do I create a PTEX file?

In the File node Attribute Editor, browse to the image or texture file you want to save to the Ptex map….Save file textures to Ptex maps in XGen

  1. Type a Map Name.
  2. Set Map Resolution to a value of 30 or greater.
  3. Set Start Color to White or Based on attribute.
  4. Click Create.

Where are V-Ray materials located?

The default location is C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\V-Ray Material Library.

Where can I buy V-Ray materials?

Here are the best vRay material libraries.

  • Evermotion. Evermotion is a one-stop-shop for all things 3D rendering and visualization.
  • vRay-Materials. The name of this database website says it all.
  • Visual Dynamics.
  • Flying Architecture.
  • Aversis.
  • vRay Maya Materials.

What is PTEX snowboard?

Extruded p-tex is a low molecular weight polyethylene that is manufactured by heating it to 350 degrees F. and pressure feeding it through a die (or slot) to the desired shape and thickness. It is used as a base material for many recreational skis and snowboards.

How do I make V-Ray materials default?

Go to the top Toolbar and pick Customize > Custom UI & Default Switcher. Under the Initial settings for tool options, select the desired render engine and material preference. Restart 3ds Max for the changes to take effect.