What is Novara Italy known for?

What is Novara Italy known for?

Novara has numerous churches and historic buildings; some of these have been restored over the years. The most significant architectural element is th emajestic dome, 121 meters high, designed by the architect-engineer Alessandro Antonelli. Now known as the Basilica of San Gaudenzio,it was built in 1888.

Why is Novara called Novara?

‘ The intention was to feed into the leftist movement that had resulted in the student protests. They named the show after the Italian town, Novara, in Elio Petri’s 1971 film The Working Class Goes to Heaven.

What region is Novara in?


Province of Novara
Map highlighting the location of the province of Novara in Italy
Country Italy
Region Piedmont
Capital(s) Novara

What state is Novara Italy?

Piedmont region
Novara is the capital city of the province of Novara in the Piedmont region in northwest Italy, to the west of Milan. It is an important crossroads for commercial traffic along the routes from Milan to Turin and from Genoa to Switzerland.

Is Novara worth visiting?

Visit Novara. Novara is an important regional town in Piedmont with an interesting historic centre to explore and several important historic monuments and artworks to enjoy. In the city you will find buildings from the medieval and renaissance periods as well as others from the 19th century expansion of Novara.

What is Novara zip code?

28100Novara / Zip code

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Is Varese Italy worth visiting?

Varese is one of the most well-kept cities in Italy to the point of being defined as a garden city, the only thing is that it is too close to Milan and many people are not visiting this gem. There are many monuments and places to visit and several things to do not to mention the many delicious things to taste.