What is Manim?

What is Manim?

A tutorial for manim, a mathematical animation engine made by 3b1b for Python. Python 3.7 (I managed to run it on version 3.6.7, so I’m guessing 3.6 and above works) Tutorial! YOUR GO TO GUIDE FOR EVERYDAY USE!!

What are mobjects in Manim?

Mobjects are objects defined by manim. Manim creates these objects specifically, so that you can apply any animations or other special manim methods to them. Adding: These are some of the methods for adding mobjects or playing Animations on mobjects.

What are ARGs in Manim?

Manim programs have a certain structure. The Python program file requires you to make classes for all your series of animations. If you make more than a few classes, you have to run commands for every class you make. Seperate videos are made for every class. Args are a list of arguements that can be stated when running the program.