What is Lisa Brash doing now?

What is Lisa Brash doing now?

Lisa is now working for Northumbria Probation Service and loves her job. She said: “Last week I wanted to get away from everything because the situation got so stressful.

What happened to price drop and Bid TV?

On 17 April 2014, the channel’s owner Bid Shopping went into administration; Price Drop and its sister channel Shop at Bid were closed down with immediate effect with 229 jobs being lost. Websites for the channels were immediately pulled offline, and a technical fault card appeared on the channels.

When did Price Drop TV end?

On 17th April 2014, after 13 and half years on air, the plug was pulled shortly after 2.15pm and both bid and price drop ceased.

Is bid up TV still on?

Shop at Bid was a British television shopping channel that ran daily auctions and later fixed price demonstrations….Shop at Bid.

Launched 5 October 2000
Closed 17 April 2014 (13 years, 194 days)
Former names Bid-Up.TV (2000–2005) Bid TV (2005–2011) Bid (2011–2014)

What is the meaning of price drop?

the act of reducing the selling price of merchandise. synonyms: deduction, discount. type of: decrease, diminution, reduction, step-down. the act of decreasing or reducing something.

Who are Bid TV presenters?

Andy Hodgson
Born Andrew Simon Hodgson 2 March 1972
Known for bid tv Ideal World

Is there an app that tells me when an item goes on sale?

PriceGrabber: Like RedLaser, the PriceGrabber app lets you scan products while you’re shopping so you can check to see if other stores offer lower prices. You can also set up a price alert, which lets you know when the item you want has been marked down to your desired price.

What is price reduction strategy?

If cuts must be made, companies should focus on cutting the prices of low-value items and retaining high-value products. Price Cuts: Slashing prices on low value goods (while maintaining prices on high value goods) is a potential pricing strategy during difficult economic times.

What does free drop mean?

1 : a dropping (as of supplies) from airplanes to the ground without parachutes. 2 : something dropped by free-drop.