What is Kappa Alpha Theta GPA requirement?

What is Kappa Alpha Theta GPA requirement?

A member shall meet the conditions for eligibility and qualifications to be an officer as stated in the Kappa Alpha Theta Bylaws, Article IV, Section 3, B. (1) Officers shall maintain a 3.0 quarter GPA. The GPA shall not be lower than the GPA required for a chapter member to be in good standing.

What is Kappa Alpha Theta known for?

Kappa Alpha Theta is known as a leading women’s group; our ideas and programs have often been on the cutting edge. “Leader” is not a title conferred or an office held; as individuals and as chapters, Thetas are known for leading in our communities and on our campuses.

How much are Kappa Alpha Theta dues?

How much does it cost to join? The one-time cost of membership in Kappa Alpha Theta Life Loyal is $299. Our 50-year plus members can join for a one-time cost of $189. Please remember that Life Loyal members do not pay annual alumnae dues to the Fraternity.

What is the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation?

Founded in 1960, Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational tax-exempt organization. Annual contributions, planned gifts, and endowed funds help Theta Foundation achieve its mission and enable members to become their best.

How do you become a Kappa Alpha Theta?

How Do I Join Kappa Alpha Theta?

  1. Are a regularly matriculated student on campus.
  2. Have never been an initiated member of another NPC group.
  3. Have not been a new member of an NPC group on your campus since the last primary recruitment.

Is Theta a good sorority?

Judged purely on its number of famous alumni, Kappa Alpha Theta is the undisputed winner. Its ranks of notable women include Tory Burch, Melinda Gates, Claire McCaskill, and Sheryl Crow.

What are Theta sorority colors?

Kappa Alpha Theta
Colors Black Gold
Symbol Kite, Twin Stars
Flower Black and Gold Pansy
Publication The Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine

How do you get into Kappa Alpha Theta?

What are Kappa Alpha Theta colors?

Our History

  • Symbol. Kite and Twin Stars.
  • Our colors. Black and Gold.
  • Flower. Black and Gold Pansy.
  • Our Crest.