What is initiator polymerization?

What is initiator polymerization?

initiator, a source of any chemical species that reacts with a monomer (single molecule that can form chemical bonds) to form an intermediate compound capable of linking successively with a large number of other monomers into a polymeric compound.

What are the polymerization methods?

There are two basic types of polymerization, chain-reaction (or addition) and step-reaction (or condensation) polymerization. One of the most common types of polymer reactions is chain-reaction (addition) polymerization. This type of polymerization is a three step process involving two chemical entities.

What are the three steps of the polymerization mechanism?

Mechanism of Polymerization. Generally, polymerization consists of three steps which include initiation, propagation, and termination.

What can initiate polymerization?

The radicals can initiate polymerization reactions of monomers, when the surfaces are exposed to monomer solution or monomer vapor, and new polymers grow up from the radical sites on the surfaces.

What is the most common polymerization process?

Condensation polymerization, also referred to condensation-elimination polymerizations or step-reaction polymerization, uses an elimination reaction to create the polymer. In this polymerization reaction, the monomers need to have two functional groups which will react with each other to form covalent bonds, e.g. a C=O.

What are the 2 polymerization process and describe the process of each?

There are two general types of polymerization reactions: addition polymerization and condensation polymerization. In addition polymerization, the monomers add to one another in such a way that the polymer contains all the atoms of the starting monomers. Ethylene molecules are joined together in long chains.

How does raft polymerisation work?

RAFT is a type of living polymerization involving a conventional radical polymerization which is mediated by a RAFT agent. Monomers must be capable of radical polymerization. There are a number of steps in a RAFT polymerization: initiation, pre-equilibrium, re-initiation, main equilibrium, propagation and termination.

What are the stages of polymerization?

The polymerization reaction consists of three stages: (1) initiation, (2) propagation, and (3) termination.