What is high energy rate forming process?

What is high energy rate forming process?

High energy rate forming is the forming of sheet metal by a high energy surge, delivered over a very short time. Since the forming of the metal occurs so quickly, desirable materials for (HERF) will be ductile at high deformation speeds.

What are important features of high energy rate forming process?

Principle / important features of HERF processes: Larger energy is applied for a very short interval of time. High particle velocities are produced in contrast with conventional forming process. The velocity of deformation is also very large and hence these are also called High Velocity Forming (HVF) processes.

Is forging a high energy rate forming?

High energy rate forging, is a metal forging process in which the actual forging of the work occurs in a few thousandths of a second. This type of manufacturing technique is very useful for hard to forge metals. Since the part is forged so fast, there is no time for cooling to occur during the forging of the work.

What is the need of high velocity forming?

11.1 High-Velocity Hydroforming. High-velocity hydroforming can be used for deep drawing and stretch forming as well as for the expansion of tubular semifinished parts. In these processes, only one forming tool (die) is required, while the force application is advanced by a solid, fluid, or gaseous working medium.

What is the need of high-velocity forming explain the process?

The high-velocity forming process is based on the principle of deformation of metal by using very high velocities, provided on the movements of rams and dies. Since the kinetic energy is proportional to the square of the velocity, high energy is delivered to the metal with a relatively small weight (ram or die).

What is roll forming process?

Roll forming is a continuous metal forming process taking sheet, strip, or coil stock and bending or forming it to a continuous cross section. The process is performed between successive pairs of rolls that change the shape until the desired section is completed.

What is the need of high-velocity forming?

What is high-velocity forming of metals?

HIGH-VELOCITY FORMING (also called impulse forming, high-energy-rate forming, high-strain-rate forming, or high-rate forming) includes all processes converting stored energy in a very short time to plastic deformation of parts (Ref 11.1).

What is Petro forge forming?

Petro-Forge: Petro-forge was developed by Tobias at university of Birmingham. It makes use of a mixture of fuel gas and oxygen which is ignited by a spark plug. The process, illustrated in Fig. 2.28, is similar to the one that takes place in an internal combustion engine.

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