What is Fremantle known for?

What is Fremantle known for?

Well-known for its maritime history and the largest convict-built prison in Australia, Perth’s port city of Fremantle is also well-known for supporting the arts, from local to national (and some international) artists. Freo is a must-visit for all tourists and a popular choice for a day or night out among the locals.

Who named Fremantle?

Captain Sir Charles Fremantle
Fremantle, Western Australia. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. The city was laid out in 1829 and named for Captain Sir Charles Fremantle, a British naval officer who took possession of the area around the river mouth in order to prevent French or U.S. incursions there.

Is Fremantle Whadjuk noongar?

Indigenous heritage The Whadjuk people (part of the Noongar language group) have had a close connection with the Fremantle area (Walyalup) for tens of thousands of years.

Who are the traditional owners of Fremantle?

Overview. The City of Fremantle acknowledges the Whadjuk people as the traditional owners of the greater Fremantle/Walyalup area and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still important to the Nyoongar people today.

Where are Whadjuk Noongar people from?

Whadjuk, alternatively Witjari, are a Noongar (Aboriginal Australian) people of the Western Australian region of the Perth bioregion of the Swan Coastal Plain.

How many submarines were in Fremantle submarine base during WW2?

Approximately 170 American, British and Dutch submarines made a total of 416 war patrols out of Fremantle Submarine Base during WW2. American British Dutch Angler Flasher

Why was the USS Holland (AS3) at Fremantle?

Admiral Hart requested to be relieved of his duties. Finally on the 3 March 1942, the USS Holland (AS3) arrived in Fremantle to establish the new Fremantle Submarine Base as home for 8 submarines of the Asiatic Fleet. The Officers of the submarine command started to arrive in Fremantle and finally started to form a united command.

Who was the first US Navy submarine commander at Fremantle?

Following the retreat from the Philippines, Captain John E. Wilkes, who had supervised the retreat, became the first commander of the submarines based at Fremantle, a role he held from March to May 1942.

Was there a submarine base in Western Australia during WW2?

The Fremantle Submarine Base by Bart Bartholomew Cairns, L., 1995, Fremantle’s Secret Fleets: Allied submarines based in Western Australia during World War II Western Australian Museum, Perth. Can anyone help me with more information? “Australia @ War” WWII Research Products