What is famous Hamirpur?

What is famous Hamirpur?

Hamirpur is Famous for its High literacy rate, Educational Institutions and Traditional Festival Of Hamir Utsav . Hamirpur City is spread from Jhaniari to Bhota along NH 3 and NH 103 and is a prominent commercial centre for the district.

Who is the DC of Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh?

Ms. Aprajita Chandel
Aprajita Chandel, HAS. c/o Deputy Commissioner Officer, District Hamirpur, (HP).

Is NIT Hamirpur good?

Overall Nit Hamirpur is good keeping in view of all things. Nit Hamirpur has one of the best infrastructure in india. The campus is very beautiful… Classrooms are well maintained,having projectors for teaching. Nit hamirpur have spacous library…labs are not that much good.

Is there snowfall in Hamirpur?

It does not normally snow in the district but in January 2012 (after 44 years) and February 2019 some parts of Hamirpur district were reported to receive moderate snowfall.

How many blocks are there in Hamirpur district?

ABOUT DISTRICT It consists of Four Tehsil namely Hamirpur, Maudaha, Rath,Sarila and Seven Blocks namely Gohand, Kurara, Maudaha, Muskara, Rath, Sarila, Sumerpur.

How do I get to NIT Hamirpur Quora?

  1. 1.Travel by bus from jammu to hamirpur (6–7hrs).
  2. Take flight from jammu to dharamshala(If available),then travel by bus from dharamshala(kangra) to hamirpur(3hr journey).
  3. Take flight from jammu to chandigarh, then travel by bus from chandigarh to hamirpur(5–6 hrs)

Which is better NIT Hamirpur or NIT Jalandhar?

National Institute of Technology Hamirpur and NIT Jalandhar are ranked 98th and 52nd position for Top Engineering Colleges in India. While NIT Hamirpur ranks at 18th position overall among other NITs for pursuing B. Tech, NIT Jalandhar ranks at 10.

What rank is required for NIT Hamirpur?

JEE Main 2018 Cutoffs for NIT HAMIRPUR Hamirpur

Course Name Category Closing Rank
B.Tech in Chemical Engineering ST (OS – Gender-Neutral) 2050
Course Name Category Closing Rank
B.Tech+M.tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (5 Years, Bachelor and Master of Technology (Dual Degree)) General (HS – Female-Only) 67140