What is express message?

What is express message?

Express messaging is the new way to keep any group of people informed, safe, and connected. It can be used to instantly send alerts, reminders, and notifications to predetermined groups of people in any organization, town, business, school, or community.

What are flash messages express?

The express-flash module exposes getter and setter methods for a flash message of the form, { flash: { type: ‘type’, message: ‘message’ }} and depends on the express-session module. The method req. flash(type, message) sets the value of a new flash message and adds it to an array of messages of the same type.

How do I use Express flash message in node JS?

Here, express is required by the connect-flash library to run. We are using express-session so that a session can be created whenever a message is flashed and the user is redirected to the specified page. Now, create a file and name it as app. js.

How does connect-flash work?

connect-flash is a library which allows you to flash messages whenever you are redirected to another webpage. Typically, when you log in to a website, a message would ‘flash’ on top of your screen indicating your success or failure in logging in.

What are flash messages Nodejs?

The connect-flash module in Nodejs enables developers to display or render pop messages every time a user is redirected to a certain page. Let’s say for example you created a productivity app that lets users add or remove tasks in a to-do list. Now you want to notify the user whenever the user removes or adds tasks.

What is connect-flash?

The flash is a special area of the session used for storing messages. Messages are written to the flash and cleared after being displayed to the user. The flash is typically used in combination with redirects, ensuring that the message is available to the next page that is to be rendered.

What is RES locals?

The res. locals property is an object that contains response local variables scoped to the request and because of this, it is only available to the view(s) rendered during that request/response cycle (if any). Syntax: res.locals.

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What is flash NodeJS?

The connect-flash module in NodeJS allows developers to render a pop-up message whenever a user is redirected to a particular webpage. For example, in your Nodejs demo application, you want to notify your users on logging in and logging out.