What is efflux viscometer?

What is efflux viscometer?

The efflux viscometer , also known as flow cup, type Ford is a traditional instrument used worldwide for the determination of the kinematic viscosity of inks, resins, varnishes and any other Newtonian fluids.

What are the different types of viscosity cup?

The various forms of viscosity cups use gravity to allow a fluid to flow through an orifice located at the bottom in a precise amount, which can be measured over time to calculate a viscosity value. The most common viscosity cups are Ford, Ford Dip, and Zahn cups.

What is Zahn viscosity cup?

A Zahn cup is a device to measure viscosity that is frequently used in the paint and coating industries. It is a field instrument used to check a fluid’s viscosity at the job site and is made from stainless steel with a small hole in its bottom center. A Zahn cup is also known as a viscosity cup.

Which viscometer is used in viscosity?

Bubble viscometer Bubble viscometers are used to quickly determine kinematic viscosity of known liquids such as resins and varnishes.

Is MU dynamic or kinematic viscosity?

Equation (1) is known as the Newtons Law of Friction. Water at 20.2oC (68.4oF) has the absolute viscosity of one – 1 – centiPoise….Dynamic (absolute) Viscosity.

Liquid Absolute Viscosity *) (N s/m2, Pa s)
Water 10-3
Olive Oil 10-1
Glycerol 100
Liquid Honey 101

What is meant by Redwood viscometer?

[′red‚wu̇d vi′skäm·əd·ər] (engineering) A standard British-type viscometer in which the viscosity is determined by the time, in seconds, required for a certain quantity of liquid to pass out through the orifice under given conditions; used for determining viscosities of petroleum oils.

What is cup and bob viscometer?

They measure the torque required to rotate a disk or bob in a fluid at a known speed. “Cup and bob” viscometers work by defining the exact volume of a sample to be sheared within a test cell; the torque required to achieve a certain rotational speed is measured and plotted.

What is viscometer in pharmacy?

What is Viscosity? Viscosity is a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow i.e. the measure of a substance’s resistance to motion under an applied force. A fluid with large viscosity resists motion because its molecular makeup gives it a lot of internal friction.

What is a Boekel cup type viscometer?

… Inexpensive Boekel cup type viscometers measure viscosity in the 18 to 1725 centistokes range in 90 seconds or less. Five cups are available differing only in the size of the orifice. Viscosity is expressed in Zahn seconds which are correlated to viscosity in centistokes. Cup volume is 44 mL. …increment of efflux time.

What is a cup viscometer used for?

Efflux cup viscometers are most commonly used for fieldwork to measure the viscosity of oils, syrups, varnish, paints and Bitumen emulsions.

How do you measure efflux time of fluid?

The testing procedure is quite similar to the capillary-tube viscometers where efflux time of a specified volume of fluid is measured through fixed orifice at the bottom of a cup to represent the viscosity of the fluid.