What is e40 rap?

What is e40 rap?

He is a founding member of the rap group the Click, and the founder of Sick Wid It Records….

Genres Hip hop hyphy
Occupation(s) Rapper songwriter entrepreneur actor
Years active 1986–present
Labels Heavy on the Grind Sick Wid It Atlantic Caroline Jive BME Warner Bros.

What song made e-40 famous?

Off the strength of Federal, his work with The Click and his first breakthrough hit, “Captain Save a Hoe,” in 1994, E-40 would ink a deal with Jive Records, which would yield several major label albums, including his 1995 classic, In a Major Way.

Why is E-40 called e40?

In the early nineties, the Bay Area rapper adopted the stage name E-40 because of his love for 40’s, the nickname for malt liquor sold in 40 ounce bottles in the United States.