What is difference between AsyncPostBackTrigger and PostBackTrigger?

What is difference between AsyncPostBackTrigger and PostBackTrigger?

The AsyncPostBackTrigger “wires” up these controls to trigger an asynchronous post back. Conversely, controls declared inside an update panel will trigger an asynchronous call by default. The PostBackTrigger short circuits this, and forces the control to do a synchronous post back.

What is the use of AsyncPostBackTrigger?

Remarks. Use the AsyncPostBackTrigger control to enable controls to be triggers for an UpdatePanel control. Controls that are triggers for an update panel cause a refresh of the panel’s content after an asynchronous postback.

What is an asynchronous postback?

Asynchronous postback executes only one postback at a time, that is, if you have two buttons doing asynchronous postback, the actions will be performed one by one; whereas, synchronous postback executes all the actions at once.

Why PostBackTrigger is used in update panel?

Remarks. Use the PostBackTrigger control to enable controls inside an UpdatePanel to cause a postback instead of performing an asynchronous postback. Use the RegisterPostBackControl method of the ScriptManager control to programmatically register a postback control.

What is use of update panel in asp net?

UpdatePanel controls are a central part of AJAX functionality in ASP.NET. They are used with the ScriptManager control to enable partial-page rendering. Partial-page rendering reduces the need for synchronous postbacks and complete page updates when only part of the page has to be updated.

What is an UpdatePanel control?

UpdatePanel controls work by specifying regions of a page that can be updated without refreshing the whole page. This process is coordinated by the ScriptManager server control and the client PageRequestManager class. When partial-page updates are enabled, controls can asynchronously post to the server.

What is UpdatePanel?

What causes PostBack?

PostBack is the name given to the process of submitting an ASP.NET page to the server for processing. PostBack is done if certain credentials of the page are to be checked against some sources (such as verification of username and password using database).

What is trigger in asp net c#?

Element Reference Specifies a control and event that will cause a partial page update for the UpdatePanel that contains this trigger reference. Specifies a control and event that will cause a full page update (a full page refresh).

What is the use of UpdatePanel and ScriptManager?

What is UpdatePanel control?