What is Chalk & Wire?

What is Chalk & Wire?

Chalk & Wire (also called Anthology Portfolio) is an e-portfolio management and assessment system that allows students to demonstrate knowledge and competencies. Outcomes are used by instructors and departments to inform program improvements.

How do you access chalk and wire?

  1. Chalk and Wire can be accessed through courses in D2L if they have a key assessment for the program.
  2. If your class requires a Field Placement you will be able to access Chalk and Wire from the link emailed to you when your Field Placement was created.

How do you renew wire and chalk?

Renew an Expired Chalk & Wire Account

  1. from the online bookstore: cuneshop.com.
  2. call the bookstore during store hours at 402-643-7400.
  3. e-mail the bookstore at [email protected].

Which website is related to chalk and wire?

Anthology (Chalk and Wire) Website.

How do I add a class to chalk and wire?

The general process for using Chalk & Wire consists of two steps:

  1. Upload your work / add content to the assignment page, which you access through the link in your Canvas course.
  2. Submit it to your instructor.

What is an anthology portfolio?

Anthology Portfolio (formerly Chalk & Wire) is a web-based software used by the College of Education to assign and document field experience and student teaching placements and to collect other assessment data.

How do you Unsubmit chalk and wire?

  1. Delete Chalk and Wire Uploads/Assessments.
  2. Delete Unwanted Content such as Assessments, PDAs, and PDSAs. Access Your Portfolio.
  3. Click on the Main Menu Icon.
  4. Select your portfolio, edit, and then select the assessment you want to delete.
  5. Click on the Tools icon to reveal the options for the content.
  6. Select Delete.