What is chai promise?

What is chai promise?

Chai as Promised extends Chai with a fluent language for asserting facts about promises. Instead of manually wiring up your expectations to a promise’s fulfilled and rejected handlers: doSomethingAsync(). then( function (result) { result.

What is Chai and Chai as promised?

Chai is a BDD assertion library – providing you with common keywords such as assert or should etc. Chai as Promised is an extension of that library specifically made to handle assertions with promises (as opposed to resolving them manually yourself).

What is Sinon chai?

Sinon–Chai provides a set of custom assertions for using the Sinon. JS spy, stub, and mocking framework with the Chai assertion library. You get all the benefits of Chai with all the powerful tools of Sinon.

What is difference between mocha and chai?

In short, Mocha is a JavaScript test framework that runs on Node. js and also on the ser and allows asynchronous testing along with the use of any assertion library. The basic difference between the two is that mocha is a framework whereas chai is a library.

What is promise in Mocha?

If a function returns a promise that you want to assert on the result of the function, all you need to do for it to work effectively with Mocha is return the promise in your it block. Then you can assert on the result of the promise in the chained . then of your promise.

How do you handle a promise reject?

We must always add a catch() , otherwise promises will silently fail. In this case, if thePromise is rejected, the execution jumps directly to the catch() method. You can add the catch() method in the middle of two then() methods, but you will not be able to break the chain when something bad happens.

What is chai NodeJS?

Chai is a BDD / TDD assertion library for node and the browser that can be delightfully paired with any javascript testing framework.

What is Sinon spy?

sinon.spy(object, “property”, [“get”, “set”]) creates spies that wrap the getters and setters for object.property . The spies will behave exactly like the original getters and setters, but you will have access to data about all calls.

Can I use Sinon with jest?

Sinon. js mocks ship as part of the Sinon. js library which can be plugged in and used in combination with other testing frameworks like Mocha and assertion libraries like Chai. Jest mocks, on the other hand, ship as part of the Jest framework, which also ships with its own assertions API.

What is chai JavaScript?

What is chai coding?

Chai is an assertion library that is often used alongside Mocha. It provides functions and methods that help you compare the output of a certain test with its expected value. Chai provides clean syntax that almost reads like English!

What is chai HTTP?

Chai HTTP provides an interface for live integration testing via superagent. To do this, you must first construct a request to an application or url. Upon construction you are provided a chainable api that allows you to specify the http VERB request (get, post, etc) that you wish to invoke.