What is ASTM D1894?

What is ASTM D1894?

ASTM D1894 is a standardized test method used for determining static (μ_s ) and kinetic (μ_k ) coefficients of friction of plastic film and sheeting.

How do you test for coefficient of friction?

The test is performed by pulling a flat block of known mass across the material located upon a flat table. Both the peak force required to initiate movement (static), and the average force required to maintain movement (kinetic) are accurately and repeatedly measured to determine the coefficients.

How do you test the friction of a material?

A method to determine the kinetic coefficient of friction is to measure the time is takes to stop an object. You can use an object on an incline to determine the static coefficient of friction by finding the angle at which the force of gravity overcomes the static friction.

What is helideck friction test?

Helideck micro GripTester is the world’s first purpose built continuous friction measuring device designed specifically for testing Helidecks and Helicopter Landing Zones. It has been purpose built to cope with harsh offshore environments and for transportation to hard to reach facilities.

What is COF in plastic film?

A packaging film’s “coefficient of friction” (COF) provides a relative indication of frictional characteristics. Controlling COF gives processors the ability to optimize performance and avoid problems in forming, transporting, and storing of packages.

What unit is coefficient of friction?

no units
The coefficient of friction is the ratio of a force to a force, and hence has no units.

What is runway friction testing?

1.1 A runway surface friction assessment is conducted under controlled dry conditions, using the self-wetting function of CFME, to establish the friction characteristics of a runway and to identify those areas of a runway surface that may require maintenance in order to restore surface friction values to the MPL or …

Why is COF important?

COF is important for both mailers and all lawn and garden bags that are palletized for transport and display. Throughout daily life, friction occurs. This unseen force either allows or hinders the movement of two surfaces that come into contact.

What does a low COF mean?

coefficient of friction
The coefficient of friction, µ, is a measure of the amount of friction existing between two surfaces. A low value of coefficient of friction indicates that the force required for sliding to occur is less than the force required when the coefficient of friction is high.