What is a USB plasma ball?

What is a USB plasma ball?

Plug in a USB Plasma Ball and electrify your desktop. Plasma filaments dance from the glass globe’s electrode to its outer surface. Touch the glass globe with your finger to painlessly arc the beams into a concentrated cluster under your hand. The effect is painless, beautiful, and incredibly intriguing.

How much does a plasma orb cost?

These beautiful, ever-changing light sculptures can reach 36 inches in diameter and cost upwards of $25,000! Before we started out, plasma globes like this were not available to the average consumer.

What is a plasma ball good for?

Plasma globes are mainly used as curiosities or toys for their unique lighting effects and the “tricks” that can be performed on them by users moving their hands around them. They might also form part of a school’s laboratory equipment for demonstration purposes. They are not usually employed for general lighting.

Does a plasma ball need batteries?

Sphere generates streaks of lightning that react to your touch. Direct the lightning by passing your hands over the glass. Requires 4 x AA batteries (Not included)

What is a mini plasma ball?

The smallest plasma ball could now be yours. It stands approx 15cm tall and is available in a black base. It is powered by the supplied USB cable. Electrical current flows through negatively ionised gas to create the illusion of lightning and reacts to sound.

Are plasma balls worth it?

Conclusion. In general, plasma balls are very safe as long as you use them responsibly. A plasma ball is not any more dangerous than a standard lamp, so you don’t need to worry about it overheating or being dangerous for your kids to be around.

What is the largest plasma ball?

【Largest Plasma Ball】– Unique 10 inch plasma ball! The largest size for more fun and interaction. This 10 inch plasma ball is a great piece of decor for your bedroom, living room, office, or anywhere else! It’ll create a super cool science like atmosphere….

Material Glass
Switch Type Touch

Can you leave a plasma ball on all night?

Can you leave a plasma ball on for long periods of time? For most plasma balls, this isn’t a problem and you should be able to leave them on for as long as you wish. This is typically the case with plasma balls, as they’re not at risk of catching fire like you might expect.

Can you use a plasma ball as a night light?

Plasma balls actually make really good nightlights, so it might be worth considering using one for this purpose, as well as just a novelty light.