What is a triple arthrodesis surgery?

What is a triple arthrodesis surgery?

A triple arthrodesis is a procedure consisting of the surgical fusion of the talocalcaneal (TC), talonavicular (TN), and calcaneocuboid (CC) joints in the foot. The primary goals of a triple arthrodesis are to relieve pain from arthritic, deformed, or unstable joints.

How long does it take to recover from a triple arthrodesis?

A short hospital stay is required following the procedure. You should avoid placing any weight on the ankle for a period of 6 weeks following surgery. A walking cast will be required for an additional 6 weeks. Full recovery often occurs within 10 months.

Is triple arthrodesis surgery painful?

Surgeons try to avoid fusions, but sometimes pain and deformity are so severe that this procedure offers the best chance of producing a less painful foot with better alignment. Fusions often improve stability and allow for easier standing and walking.

What joints are involved in a triple arthrodesis?

The term “triple” arthrodesis refers to a fusion procedure of three joints of the hindfoot and midfoot, the subtalar joint (talus and calcaneus), the talonavicular joint, and the calcaneocuboid joint.

What 3 procedures make up a triple arthrodesis?

Most triple arthrodesis procedures are performed by removing all of the cartilage from the three joints involved—that is, the talocalcaneal (TC) joint (also referred to as the subtalar joint), the talonavicular (TN) joint, and the calcaneocuboid (CC) joint—and fusing them with bone-to-bone contact.

How successful is triple arthrodesis?

Due to the procedure’s predictability, it is often used as a definitive treatment for many pedal deformities and offers patients the ability for pain-free, propulsive gait. In one study following patients who underwent a triple arthrodesis, 95% of patients were satisfied with the outcome after 44 years.

How long do you stay in the hospital after triple arthrodesis surgery?

Most people are in hospital for 2-4 days. Will I have to go to sleep (general anaesthetic)? The operation can be done under general anaesthetic (asleep). Alternatively, an injection in the back, leg or around the ankle can be given to make the foot numb while you remain awake.

When can I walk after triple arthrodesis?

You should not walk on the foot for at least 2 weeks after surgery. Your surgeon will advise you when you can start taking some weight on the foot. When you start putting weight on your foot we will give you a special shoe that you can wear over your plaster or an aircast boot.

Can I run after triple arthrodesis?

The lack of this side to side movement will be noticeable when walking on uneven ground surfaces. This does not, however, cause any pain, and all types of exercise are permitted following a triple arthrodesis. Screws/plates are inserted into the heel bone to hold the joint together while the fusion occurs.

Is arthrodesis the same as a fusion?

An arthrodesis is a surgical procedure, also called a joint fusion. In performing an arthrodesis, the goal is to permanently hold a joint in a fixed position, and allow the bone to grow across that joint.

Do I need Triple arthrodesis surgery?

Some individuals who experience frequent ankle pain may require corrective surgery. Triple Arthrodesis is a surgical procedure designed to help relieve pain in the ankle joint and correct deformities in the hind foot caused by serious injury, arthritis and genetic effect.

What is a Triple arthrodesis fusion?

In a fusion, the bones are locked together by removing the cartilage from the joint surface and creating a “bone bridge” across the joint. A triple arthrodesis is a fusion in the hindfoot (back of the foot) used to treat many types of painful foot deformities.

What are the long-term results of Triple arthrodesis?

Long-term results after triple arthrodesis: Influence of alignment on ankle osteoarthritis and clinical outcome Triple arthrodesis is a salvage procedure in patients with a painful and deformed hindfoot and results in a clinically beneficial outcome, even 15 years after surgery.

Does Triple arthrodesis improve malalignment in patients with deformed hindfoot?

Triple arthrodesis is a salvage procedure in patients with a painful and deformed hindfoot and results in a clinically beneficial outcome, even 15 years after surgery. The present study did not show that malalignment after triple arthrodesis results in a higher grade of OA of the ankle joint in the …