What is a transportation planning point?

What is a transportation planning point?

The transportation planning point is an organizational unit in Logistics, responsible for planning and processing transportation activities. It organizes the responsibilities in a company, e.g. according to shipment type, mode of transport or regional departments.

How to find transportation planning point in SAP?

SPRO -> IMG –> Enterprise Structure –> Definition –> Logistics Execution –> Maintain Transportation Planning Point. On the next screen, you will see the list of the previously defined Transportation Planning Points on your SAP system.

What is transportation planning in SAP?

Purpose. Using transportation planning in the Direct Store Delivery (DSD ) component you plan and organize tours with the aim of grouping upcoming deliveries into shipments. Unlike standard SAP ERP transportation planning, DSD transportation planning takes DSD-specific master data and functions into account.

What is transportation connection point in SAP?

Use. For consignments of goods that you ship by air or sea freight, it is particularly important that you enter the data for the transportation connection points for transit and customs procedures. By entering this data correctly, you can speed up the process for creating the relevant documents in Customs Management.

How do I complete a transportation plan in SAP?


  1. Create orders (SAP ERP). You create orders in SAP ERP and the system sends the orders to SAP TM.
  2. Perform transportation planning (SAP TM).
  3. Create delivery proposals (SAP TM).
  4. Create deliveries (SAP ERP).
  5. Execute transportation (SAP TM).

What is a shipping point in SAP?

Shipping points are independent organizational entities within which processing and monitoring of the deliveries as well as goods issue is carried out. A delivery is processed by one shipping point only.

How do you maintain transportation zone in SAP?

Path: SPRO—>enterprise structure—>definition—>logistics-execution—>maintain transportation planning point. Go to “new entries” and create the required transportation planning point for the required company code. Select the “address” icon and specify the required data of the transportation planning point.

What is loading point in SAP SD?

A loading point is a subdivision of a shipping point. In your case , Sriperuputhur is the shipping point and in which u have , say ex , 5 loading bays are there , you can define this loading bays against shipping point in sap , enterprise structure – definition – logistic execution – define loading point .

Where do we maintain shipping point in SAP?

Navigate to the following menu path: SPRO > Enterprise Structure > Assignment > Logistics Execution > Assign shipping point to plant. Place the cursor on the plant to which you want to assign the shipping point and press button.

What is the purpose of the shipping point?

A Shipping Point is an independent organizational entity where the issuance and delivery processing of goods take place. It helps to process and monitor the deliveries and goods while it is issued. A Shipping point is a top level unit for shipping organization that can be determined for each order item.

Which tools are offered by SAP for transport management?

What SAP Systems Have Integration Capabilities With SAP Transportation Management?

  • SAP ERP / ECC.
  • SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • SAP Event Management (EM)
  • SAP Process Integration / Process Orchestration (PI / PO)