What is a rompler?

What is a rompler?

A rompler is an electronic music instrument that plays pre-fabricated sounds based on audio samples. In contrast to samplers, romplers do not record audio and have limited or no capability for generating original sounds. The term rompler is a blend of the terms ROM and sampler.

What is the difference between a rompler and a synthesizer?

The term rompler most often describes sample based software instruments such as VSTis, whereas for mostly historical reasons, the term used for hardware rompler synthesizers was sound module or workstation keyboard, depending on whether the device has a keyboard interface or not.

What is the free vsco2 rompler plugin?

VSCO2 Orchestra Rompler is a free rompler VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by bigcat instruments. Compatible OS (s): Windows, macOS. Based on the free Community edition of Versilian Studios’ VSCO2 orchestra, this Rompler Module features 18 instruments and sections covering strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion.

What are some of the most successful early romplers in software engineering?

The most successful early romplers are considered to be Korg M1 workstation, and E-mu Proteus module.