What is a radio log form?

What is a radio log form?

The radio log must contain a summary of communications relating to distress, urgency and safety messages. The summary must include dates and times in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), details of the vessels involved and their positions.

How long must the GMDSS radio log be retained?

2 years
The GMDSS Radio Log Book (the radio log) should be kept in a location close to the radio station. Pages from this publication should be printed as required and kept as a hard-copy. The radio log, and associated records, must be kept onboard for at least 2 years.

How do you test MF and HF?

Printer test checks the connection between MF/HF equipment and printer. Go to Menu#2 -> READOUT & SET UP -> press 4 -> press ENT. This displays the “SELF TEST” screen. Select the “printer test” and press ENT.

What shall be entered in radio logbook?

(b) a summary of all radio communications, including the date, time, frequency used and details with respect to: (i) distress and urgency communications, (ii) safety communications that relate to the ship’s location and voyage, (iii) abnormal radio propagation conditions that may reduce the effectiveness of the ship …

Where is the GMDSS radio log book kept on board ship?

navigating bridge
GMDSS Radio Log A Radio log with adherence to the SOLAS Ch V and Merchant Shipping regulations is required to be maintained onboard most merchant ships / vessels. It should be retained onboard on the navigating bridge well-situated near the radio equipment.

Which of the following must be recorded on a GMDSS log?

What is the MF DSC frequency?

2 187.5 kHz
The announcement is carried out by transmission of a DSC safety call on the DSC distress calling channel (2 187.5 kHz on MF, channel 70 on VHF). The safety message is normally transmitted on the distress and safety traffic channel in the same band in which the DSC call was sent, i.e. 2 182 kHz on MF, channel 16 on VHF.

What is DSC in GMDSS?

July 29, 2018 No Comments BridgeGMDSS. Digital Selective calling (DSC) is an initial means of alerting device for any Distress / Urgency / Safety communications.