What is a process line list?

What is a process line list?

A Line List is a deliverable document of the FEED and Detailed Design and Engineering generated by a Process discipline. Related Definitions in the Project: The FEED Deliverable; Detailed Design and Engineering Deliverable.

What is line list in piping?

A line list (or line schedule) is a database created to communicate between the process and mechanical engineering teams when designing piping in a plant or process unit. At it’s core, it should help provide justification on why certain decisions were made in the design process.

What is critical piping?

In power plant, there are some piping which carries steam at high pressure and temperature. And also there are piping which carry water at high pressure. These pipes carry the main cycle steam and water of the steam power plant. These pipelines are called Critical Piping.

What is stress in piping?

Piping Stress is generated whenever a load acts on a piping system and tries to deform it. Due to the inertia effect, the piping system will resist that force by an internal resistance force creating the stress.

What is the line list?

The line listing is one type of epidemiologic database, and is organized like a spreadsheet with rows and columns. Typically, each row is called a record or observation and represents one person or case of disease.

Why are line lists needed?

The line list should define operating, average and maximum temperature and pressure, design temperature and pressure, pipe specification, special requirements (such as post-weld treatment for caustic and sulfur exposure), and hydrostatic test pressure. Most importantly, it must justify the values selected.

What is pipe Liberal stress?

If the analyst elects to ignore the additional allowable stress range the decision (all other things being equal) would be judged conservative. If the analyst elect to employ this additional allowable stress range, the resulting allowable stress range is sometimes termed “liberal”.

What is pipe wall stress?

Hoop Stress, also known as allowable stress, is the stress in a pipe wall. It is the circumferential force per unit areas (Psi) in the pipe wall caused by internal pressure.

Why is a line list important?

A line list helps organize preliminary information gathered during the early part of an outbreak investigation. As the investigation progresses, the line list can be updated.

What is line listing report?

This report is also referred to as the Case Listing Report or the Line List of Disease Cases for a Given Timeframe and Geographic Location. It displays a patient-level list of all cases that fall within the specified time period, geographic area, and disease information as defined by the report parameters.

What is stress range factor?

The stress range denotes the range of stress to which the pipe experiences transitioning from its cold to hot condition. For guided expansion loops, the total expansion is corrected by application of a factor u′/u (Figure 10.4).

What is allowable stress range?

Taken together the total allowable stress range for the combined loadings of weight (bending), longitudinal pressure (tension) and thermal expansion (displacement) would be (1.5*Sc) + (1.5*Sh), or 1.5(Sc + Sh).