What is a orphus?

What is a orphus?

Definition of orifice : an opening (such as a vent, mouth, or hole) through which something may pass an anatomical orifice the nozzle orifice the cone built up from the cinders around the eruption orifice— R. H. Mohlenbrock.

What does orig stand for?

the original or origin of something
2. The definition of an orig is an acronym for the original or origin of something. An example of orig is George Washington being the first United States President.

How do you spell Oraphis?

Greek Legend. a poet and musician, a son of Calliope, who followed his dead wife, Eurydice, to the underworld.

What is an orifice tube?

The orifice tube is a tube with a given length and cross-section which expands the refrigerant but, unlike the expansion valve, it is unable to regulate flow rate and superheating. The orifice tube is always associated with an accumulator at the evaporator outlet.

What is efflux Class 11?

The velocity of efflux is the velocity with which a liquid will come out of a hole carved at some height from the bottom of the container in which the liquid is filled.

How do you abbreviate original?

The most common one is “orig.”, but sometimes “orig” or “ori.” is also used.