What is a lightbox in avada?

What is a lightbox in avada?

Lightbox is an Avada option that allows you to open beautiful, responsive overlay windows, containing images or videos.

What is a lightbox element?

The Lightbox Element is one of several media elements offered by Avada – check out the Image, Gallery, Soundcloud, Youtube and Vimeo Elements as well. Lightbox is also integrated into Avada for galleries and in various other areas, but the Lightbox Element is for single image or video use on any page or post.

Is avada good for beginners?

Avada: Documentation & Support If you are a beginner trying to create your website with WordPress, Avada multipurpose theme is ideal. You can choose a design from the available templates, or start to design a page from scratch using the methods, and explanation given in the documentation.

What is avada popover?

The Popover Element is a simple yet elegant way to display information without disrupting your page layout. The Popover Element can be used as a stand alone Element from the Avada Builder, but it is also an Inline Element, accessible from the Inline Editor. You can add popovers to text, images, and even buttons!

How does a lightbox work?

Lightboxes are ‘boxes’ with a clear screen at the top and a light source inside. When they are switched on, it’s easy to see through (almost) any paper that is laid on the screen. So to trace an image, the original is laid directly on the screen, secured with a clip, and then covered with a blank sheet of paper.

Can avada be used on multiple sites?

Avada is perfect for multisite environments for several reasons. The Avada demo importer allows you to quickly deploy a professional design to each of the sites in your multisite environment. One click of a button on each site will import the demo of your choice.

Is avada good for SEO?

Avada theme is good for SEO because of its flexible title placement, content indexing feature, and custom branding plugins. Its customizable footer layout allows for more strategic call-to-action placements, and Avada also offers open graph meta tags to make content clickable and shareable.

What is an Avada slider?

The Avada Slider, formerly known as the Fusion Slider, is a lightweight purpose-built slider exclusive to the Avada Website Builder. You can integrate video carousels, image sliders, hero images and more with this ultra-flexible Slider element.

What is Lightbox element in Avada?

Lightbox is also integrated into Avada for galleries and in various other areas, but the Lightbox Element is for single image or video use on any page or post. If you want to show more images, use the Gallery Element instead.

Can I show videos in a lightbox in Avada?

The lightbox we use in Avada is called iLightbox and it is compatible with Youtube, Vimeo and self-hosted videos. The Lightbox can be triggered from the Lightbox Element, but also in many other places thoughout Avada. Read on for more information on where and how you can show videos in a Lightbox in Avada.

How do I add a lightbox element to a content area?

These are the element options for the Lightbox Element added through the Avada Builder. You can also add a Lightbox Element to a content area (eg. a Text Block Element), via the Element Generator found in the WordPress Content Editor toolbar. Learn more about Inline Elements here.

How do I add Lightbox elements in fusion builder?

Lightbox Element – The Lightbox Element can be added directly in the page builder, through the Fusion Builder Elements list, or through the Element Generator in a text editor. Columns – You can add a video link to a column and then choose the Lightbox option under Link Target.