What is 4 AWG in mm?

What is 4 AWG in mm?

0.204 5.19
American Wire Gauge (AWG) vs. cross sectional area converter.

American Wire Gauge (#AWG) Diameter (inches) Diameter (mm)
4 0.204 5.19
5 0.182 4.62
6 0.162 4.11
7 0.144 3.67

What does MM2 mean in wire?

Wire Gauge Size Chart: American Wire Gauge (AWG) to Square Millimeters (MM2) American Wire Gauge (AWG) is the U.S. standardized wire gauge system used to note the diameter of rounded, non-ferrous electrical wiring.

What is the difference between AWG and MM2?

(UL is a bit like our BS standard but is specifically governed and registered in the US….A Simple Guide on Cable AWG to Metric Conversions.

Metric MM2 (Diameter) AWG Approx Strading
1mm 18 awg 32/0.2
1.5mm 16 awg 30/0.25
2.5mm 14 awg 50/0.25
4mm 12 awg 56/0.3

What is the cost of 4mm wire?

Finolex 4mm 90 mtr FR House Wire

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₹2680 (₹48 ₹268) ₹2364

Can I use 4mm cable for cooker?

cable type/size will suffice.

What is 4 AWG amp rating?

85 amps
How many amps can a 4 gauge wire handle? It has a rated ampacity of 85 amps at 75°C. This means that, for average use, the 4 gauge wire can handle up to 85 amps safely.

What does mm2 cable mean?

Cross sectional area of the conductor – sometimes called ‘cable size’ Given as mm², it describes the total cross-sectional area of the copper conductor. Cable will be sized 1 mm², 2 mm², 4 mm² etc. and may be written as 1 mm, 2mm, 4mm. This is not the diameter of the cable.