What hydrocarbon has 8 carbon atoms?

What hydrocarbon has 8 carbon atoms?

A two-carbon chain is called ethane; a three-carbon chain, propane; and a four-carbon chain, butane. Longer chains are named as follows: pentane (five-carbon chain), hexane (6), heptane (7), octane (8), nonane (9), and decane (10).

What alkane has 8 hydrogen atoms?

Straight-Chain and Branched Alkanes

Table 1. Summary of the Straight-Chain Alkanes
Name Formula Number of Structural Isomers
Heptane C7H16 9
Octane C8H18 13
Nonane C9H20 36

What is a 8 carbon molecule?

Cubane (C8H8) is a synthetic hydrocarbon molecule that consists of eight carbon atoms arranged at the corners of a cube, with one hydrogen atom attached to each carbon atom. A solid crystalline substance, cubane is one of the Platonic hydrocarbons and a member of the prismanes.

How many hydrogen atoms are in an N alkane with 8 carbons?

The octane moleculeThe number of carbon atoms (n) in the octane molecule is 8. The number of hydrogen atoms (2n +2) is 18.

How do we name an alkane with eight carbons?

For example, an alkane with eight carbon atoms has the molecular formula C8H(2 × 8) + 2 = C8H18….12.2: Structures and Names of Alkanes.

Name heptane
Molecular Formula (CnH2n + 2) C7H16
Condensed Structural Formula CH3CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2CH3
Number of Possible Isomers 9

How many types of hydrogens are present in 2 Methylpropane?

Each of the six equivalent hydrogen atoms of the first type in propane and each of the nine equivalent hydrogen atoms of that type in 2-methylpropane (all shown in black) are bonded to a carbon atom that is bonded to only one other carbon atom.

How many carbons are in a molecule of hexane?

six carbon atoms
Hexane () is an organic compound, a straight-chain alkane with six carbon atoms and has the molecular formula C6H14….CHEBI:29021 – hexane.

ChEBI Name hexane
Definition An unbranched alkane containing six carbon atoms.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.

How many hydrogens does an alkane with 15 carbons have?

The number of hydrogen atoms is 2×15+2=32 . The formula for an acyclic alkane with 15 carbon atoms is C15H32 .

How many different types of hydrogens are present in 3 Methylpentane?

four sets
(a) 3-methylpentane has four sets of equivalent hydrogen atoms (Ha through Hd). Two sets of equivalent hydrogen atoms are related by a mirror plane of symmetry (the methyl hydrogen atoms Ha = Ha’ for a total of 6H’s and the methylene hydrogen atoms Hb = Hb’ for a total of four hydrogen atoms).