What happens if the IMEI number is damaged on a Samsung?

What happens if the IMEI number is damaged on a Samsung?

What is important here is when the IMEI or the digital signature is damaged, the phone is not working and even Samsung service centers cannot repair the broken phone. Thus, the phone is worthless at that point. The most common errors that might suggest such a problem with the phone are the following:

How to repair IMEI of MediaTek smartphones?

Download MTK IMEI Repair Tool (All Version) MTK IMEI Repair tool is an application which will help you to repair IMEI of MediaTek smartphones. In the market, most of the smartphones are either using Qualcomm or MediaTek chipset. If you have a MediaTek chipset based smartphone, this software is going to be a boon for your damaged device.

How to change IMEI number of your Samsung phone?

Samsung Tool is a free program that enables you to unclock your Samsung phone. spd imei changer is a free program that enables you to change the IMEI for your Android device.

How to flash IMEI of corrupted MTK chipset?

The MTK chipset of your smartphone can get corrupted any time for different reasons, and in such desperate times, MTK IMEI repair tool will help you to flash the IMEI of your device. There are various such applications available online and most of them either do not work or damage your device further.

How to fix IMEI number not registered on the network?

To fix not registered on the network or Null IMEI #, click RRC revision, option 2. The final step to fix Null IMEI # is to turn off your phone and insert your Sim card or else reboot your phone and then insert the SIM card to dial *#06# to see if the IMEI number is restored.

How to change IMEI number on Samsung Galaxy devices?

To Change your IMEI number is to back up the IMEI number. Here is how to backup EFS or IMEI on your Galaxy device: This process requires you to first download an app named as ‘EFS Pro’. But before that ensure your phone is rooted otherwise this tool will not work on the device.

How to fix “IMEI null or 0000” error on Android phone?

If you see “IMEI Null or 000000 ”, you need to reconfigure the settings to fix the no signal or not registered on network problem on your Android phone. Now Select (FTM) Option 1. FTM (Field Test Mode) is for debugging and testing. If the option is on, you will have to turn this OFF.