What happens if an MPFL reconstruction fails?

What happens if an MPFL reconstruction fails?

Recurrent instability, persistent knee pain, and loss of range of motion do occur in a subset of patients. Moreover, technical errors continue to be one of the major causes of complications and failures in MPFL reconstruction [5].

How long does it take to bend your knee after MPFL surgery?

You may resume driving a vehicle when you have stopped your narcotic pain medication and you can comfortably bend and straighten your operative knee. This typically occurs approximately 4-6 weeks after surgery.

How long does pain last after MPFL reconstruction?

It is common to experience pain on the inner side of the knee along the graft for a few months after the operation. You will need to take 3-4 weeks off work after an MPFL reconstruction.

Why does MPFL reconstruction hurt?

MPFL Reconstruction Surgeon The medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) is most commonly injured during a high-impact sporting event that includes pivoting or a tackle. The injury occurs when the patella dislocates and tears the ligament on the inside of the knee and surgery may be required to correct it.

How successful is MPFL reconstruction surgery?

Modern MPFL reconstruction is a well-described operative intervention which is successful in the vast majority of chronic patellar instability patients. Excellent functional results have been reported as high as 95%, and numerous studies have documented significant reduction in postoperative re-dislocation [18, 19].

What is the success rate of MPFL reconstruction?

Results showed MPFL repair had a success rate of 94.1% for preventing recurrent dislocations, with one patient experiencing recurrence of patellar dislocation and no other patients reporting serious complications.

Is MPFL reconstruction successful?

Why is my knee popping after MPFL surgery?

Popping or cracking in the knee after MPFL reconstruction is not always a bad sign. After reconstructive knee surgery, the knee is often swollen, and the quadriceps muscles can be weak and scarring also occurs. These factors can affect your knee and can lead to popping and cracking.

How long do you have to wear a brace after MPFL reconstruction?

Locking Knee Brace – The brace is to be worn for up to 4-6 weeks fullowing surgery. It will be locked straight until bone healing and good knee strength have been achieved (usually 5-6 weeks after surgery). At that time your doctor will determine if your leg has enough strength to allow your brace to be unlocked.

How long does a torn MPFL take to heal without surgery?

For a first time dislocation, without loose bodies, non-surgical treatment with rehabilitation is recommended. Bracing the joint will allow the swelling to decrease and may help to stabilize the patella. Physical therapy is prescribed, and a full recovery can be expected within an 8-12 week period.