What happened to the lead singer of CCR?

What happened to the lead singer of CCR?

CCR disbanded acrimoniously in late 1972 after four years of chart-topping success. Tom Fogerty had officially left the previous year, and John was at odds with the remaining members over matters of business and artistic control, all of which resulted in subsequent lawsuits among the former bandmates.

How many wives has John Fogerty?

John Fogerty has been married two times: to Martha Piaz (1965-1970), and to Julie Kramer (1991-present).

What happened between John Fogerty and CCR?

Fogerty had also become involved in a series of disputes with CCR’s record label, Fantasy Records, over what he thought were unfair contracts, and on Oct. 16, 1972 the group announced their breakup.

Who is the lead singer of CCR?

John Fogerty
After achieving marginal success under names such as the Blue Velvets and the Golliwogs, they emerged as Creedence Clearwater Revival in 1967, with John Fogerty as their lead singer, lead guitarist, and sole songwriter.

How did John Fogerty get started in music?

While in junior high school in 1959, Fogerty formed a cover band with bassist Stu Cook and drummer Doug Clifford called the Blue Velvets. The band was inspired by rock and roll pioneers, especially Little Richard and Bo Diddley. Later, Fogerty’s brother Tom joined the group.

When did John Fogerty perform at Glastonbury?

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Where can I find media related to John Fogerty?

Wikimedia Commons has media related to John Fogerty. Fogerty v. Fantasy, Inc. ” Have You Ever Seen the Rain? “/” Hey Tonight ” Fogerty v.

Is John Fogerty a Republican or a Democrat?

Fogerty has a granddaughter who has also appeared in online videos with him. Fogerty is a lifelong liberal Democrat. In his lyrics, Fogerty has lampooned many Republicans, including Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Fogerty participated in the Vote for Change tour in support of John Kerry ‘s 2004 presidential bid against George W. Bush.