What does the umpteenth mean?

What does the umpteenth mean?

adjective Informal. of an indefinitely large number in succession: He was the umpteenth person to arrive.

Where did umpteenth come from?

Umpteenth comes from umpty, meaning an indefinite number. Etymology Online says “umpty” is derived from “Morse code slang for “dash,” influenced by association with numerals such as twenty, thirty, etc.”

What is an Umpty?

an indefinite, fairly large number. Dictionary of Collective Nouns and Group Terms.

What is the synonym of umpteen?

countless, numerous, innumerable, very many, ever so many, untold. informal lots of, loads of, masses of, heaps of, stacks of, piles of, bags of, oodles of, tons of, hundreds of, thousands of. literary myriad, divers.

What does end of the gap mean?

Definition of close the gap : to reduce or eliminate a difference between two people, groups, or things —often + between We hope to close the gap between well-funded suburban schools and the struggling schools in poorer communities.

Is umpteenth a real number?

Umpteen. Umpteen, umteen or umpty is an unspecified but large number, used in a humorous fashion or to imply that it is not worth the effort to pin down the actual figure.

Where did doggone it come from?

As for “doggone it,” the expression probably originated as a euphemism for “goddamn it.” The Oxford English Dictionary says “dog-gone” is “generally taken as a deformation of the profane God damn.”

What does numpty stand for?

a foolish or stupid person
The Oxford English Dictionary has launched a search to find the first recorded use in English of the word ‘numpty’, which means a foolish or stupid person. Since the mid-1980s, numpty has been used as a mild term of abuse in Britain.

What does Umpty UMP mean?

Umpty means “placeholder” or “unspecified number.” It is not a common word. Umpteen means “unspecified (large) number.” It is a relatively common word.

Is umpteen formal?

adjective (Informal) very many, numerous, countless, millions, considerable, a good many, a thousand and one, ever so many He has produced umpteen books, plays and television series.

What’s a synonym for squeaky?

whining, whiny. (also whiney), yapping, yelping.

What is the meaning of umpteen?

used to say that something happened or came after many other similar things: I drank my umpteenth cup of coffee. For the umpteenth time, Anthony, knives and forks go in the middle drawer!

How do you use umpteenth in a sentence?

You use umpteenth to indicate that an occasion, thing, or person happens or comes after many others. He checked his watch for the umpteenth time. She was now on her umpteenth gin. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

What is the origin of the word umpty?

Origin umpteenth (1900-2000) umpty “many” (a joke word) ((1900-2000)) + -teenth (as in thirteenth)

What is an example of for the umpteenth time?

Examples from the Corpus for the umpteenth time • They’re showing “The Wizard of Oz ” for the umpteenth time. • The blonde hostess leaned across him to re-charge his glass for the umpteenth time.