What does the Iron Man 3 post credit scene mean?

What does the Iron Man 3 post credit scene mean?

Rather than tease Tony’s future as a superhero, Iron Man 3’s post-credits scene was another comedy coda featuring Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, with Tony recounting his fight with Aldrich Killian. Banner mentions that he’s not that type of doctor, which is why he looks so distraught when Tony starts yet another story.

Who is Raza in Iron Man?

Raza, is a villainous character that appeared in the film, Iron Man as the main, later secondary antagonist. He was the leader of the terrorist group known as the Ten Rings, and secretly worked together with former Stark Industries CEO Obadiah Stane, to try and kill Tony Stark.

Which Avenger made a cameo in Iron Man 3?

Mark Ruffalo
Mark Ruffalo makes an uncredited cameo appearance, reprising his role as Bruce Banner from The Avengers, in a post-credits scene.

Does Thor have a post credit scene?

Thor: The Dark World (2013) The second scene, which is at the end of the credits, sees Thor (Chris Hemsworth) return to Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), and the two share a loving embrace.

What movie started the after credits scene?

The first film to feature a post-credits scene is The Silencers, released in March 1966. The scene depicts lead character Matt Helm (played by Dean Martin) along with a cadre of beautiful women and the caption, “Matt Helm Will Return”.

How did Tony get palladium?

Fury provided Stark with some of his father’s old things. He discovered an element that could fulfill his needs through a hidden message. He proceeded to re-create this new element (using the molecular structure provided by his father) and created another arc reactor that cured his palladium poisoning.

Was Raza killed in Iron Man?

Raza continued to use Stark Industries weapons to make territorial gains throughout the country, including the takeover of Gulmira. In a new deal with Stane to exchange Stark’s Mark I armor, Raza and his soldiers were instead betrayed and executed for their failure to kill Stark.

What are the 10 rings in Iron Man?

The Ten Rings is the terrorist organization that abducted Tony Stark in Iron Man. The organization’s name and iconography was later appropriated by Aldrich Killian’s think tank A.I.M.