What does solution mean in geography?

What does solution mean in geography?

Solution – minerals are dissolved in the water and carried along in solution. Suspension – fine light material is carried along in the water. Saltation – small pebbles and stones are bounced along the river bed.

What is solution simple geography?

Solution (or corrosion) is when acidic water dissolves rocks such as chalk or limestone. Find out more about river erosion.

What is solution in coastal erosion?

Solution – this is when sea water dissolves certain types of rocks. In the UK, chalk and limestone cliffs are prone to this type of erosion.

What is suspension geography?

BSL Geography Glossary – Suspension – definition Definition: Suspension is a method of transporting very fine sediment in a river. The sediment is probably eroded from larger rocks upstream and is then carried in the water. When the sediment is deposited from the water it is known as silt.

How does solution happen geography?

Solution is when dissolved material is carried by a river. This often happens in areas where the geology is limestone and is dissolved in slightly acidic water. Saltation is when material such as pebbles and gravel that is too heavy to be carried in suspension is bounced along the river by the force of the water.

What is coastline protection?

April 22, 2020. Definition of Coast protection: Measures aimed at protecting the coast against coastline retreat, thus protecting housing, infrastructure, the coast and the hinterland from erosion often at the expense of losing the beach and the dynamic coastal landscape.

What is deposition in geography?

Deposition is the laying down of sediment carried by wind, flowing water, the sea or ice. Sediment can be transported as pebbles, sand and mud, or as salts dissolved in water. Salts may later be deposited by organic activity (e.g. as sea shells) or by evaporation.

What is transpiration geography?

Transpiration. Transpiration is the transfer of water vapour from vegetation to the atmosphere. This occurs mostly via pores in leaves known as stomata.

What is Bedload geography?

Bed load refers to the sediment which is in almost continuous contact with the bed, carried forward by rolling, sliding or hopping.

What is coastal management in geography?

Physical management of the coast attempts to control natural processes such as erosion and longshore drift .

What is beach drainage?

Beach drains comprise perforated land drain pipes buried below the upper beach surface, and connected to a pump and discharge. The concept is based on the principle that sand will tend to accrete if the beach surface is permeable due to an artificially lowered water table.

What is deposition in the river system?

When a river loses energy, it will drop or deposit some of the material it is carrying. Deposition may take place when a river enters an area of shallow water or when the volume of water decreases – for example, after a flood or during times of drought.

What does solution mean in geography terms?

A solution consists of a homogeneous mixture.

  • A solution is composed of one phase (e.g.,solid,liquid,gas).
  • Particles in a solution are not visible to the naked eye.
  • A solution does not scatter a light beam.
  • Components of a solution cannot be separated using simple mechanical filtration.
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