What does shadowy figure look like?

What does shadowy figure look like?

Shadowy Figure is a tall, slender man with grayish-purple skin. He wears a light black trench coat and a black hooded scarf that leaves only his mouth, nose and chin (which bears strange dots) visible. He also wears dark black gloves on his hands and dark black boots.

What is the meaning of the shadow figure’s name?

His clothing is similar to Organization XIII ‘s attire from the Kingdom Hearts franchise. His name is possibly a reference to a shadow person (also known as a shadow figure). He acts as K.O.’s archenemy more than anyone else. Shadowy Figure.

What happens to shadowy figure in let’s fight to the end?

In ” Let’s Fight to the End ” he uses T.K.O. to take all the power from the Glorb Tree to destroy the universe, but T.K.O. figures out that Shadowy Figure was only using him to get more power. T.K.O. punches the dark blob form of Shadowy Figure out of Professor Venomous and crushes the blob, killing Shadowy Figure for good.

Did shadowy figure want venomous to find out about him?

Shadowy Figure did not want Venomous, who was completely unaware of his existence up until that point, to find out. He gets angry when Fink tells Venomous of his presence, and takes over him.

What does the Shadow Man look like in the hallways?

He looked like a shadow, only darker–much darker. He had a very wide brimmed hat and a long trench coat that flowed as he moved… He stood there for what seemed like an eternity, He then moved very slowly and without sound back into the hallway just out of view.

What are the characteristics of a shadow person?

Some common features of shadow people are: A shape that is generally male in appearance They are aware of us and react to our observing them The typical shadow person is tall, ranging from about 6′ to 7′