What does sacrifice Arcadia Bay mean?

What does sacrifice Arcadia Bay mean?

If Arcadia Bay was sacrificed, the town will appear abandoned, and the lighthouse will be half destroyed from the storm (as we see happen to it in Max’s visions).

Why does Life is Strange ask if you sacrifice Arcadia Bay?

[Update: And indeed they haven’t. As noted by Koch himself on Twitter, Life is Strange 2 starts out by asking players if they chose to save or sacrifice Arcadia Bay, so this actually suits itself to the player choice. So there is still no “canon” ending to LiS1. Shacknews regrets this error.]

Should I sacrifice Chloe or Arcadia Bay in Life is Strange?

This is the most important choice in Life is Strange, but the only correct option is to pick whichever ending players feel is right. Although sacrificing the whole of Arcadia Bay just for Chloe might seem like the “bad” ending, Episode 5 makes a compelling case for why both options are viable.

Does Warren die if you sacrifice Arcadia Bay?

Sacrifice Arcadia Bay Ending. It’s not explicitly shown, but highly likely that most, if not all those in the Two Whales Diner, being Warren Graham, Joyce Price, Frank Bowers, (determinant) and Pompidou (determinant), are dead in the Sacrifice Arcadia Bay ending when the full force of the storm hit the town.

What happens if you sacrifice Arcadia?

If you choose to sacrifice Arcadia Bay, Max rips up the picture and stands beside Chloe to watch the hurricane. The storm destroys Arcadia Bay, turning most of the buildings into rubble. And in Life Is Strange 2, David Madsen reveals that nearly all of the residents die.

What happens if you destroy Arcadia Bay?

“Sacrifice Arcadia Bay” When Max rips the photo the storm disperses. A) She dies but saves everyone including Chloe B) Saves everyone including Chloe, but has a nosebleed and falls into a come which she later wakes up from. “Happy ending”.

What happens if you don’t sacrifice Arcadia Bay?

How old is Alex Chen?

In Life is Strange: True Colors, you’ll play as Alex Chen; a 21-year-old who grew up in the Oregon foster care system. She is visiting her estranged brother, Gabe, in Haven Springs, and will spend the story deciding if this remote, Colorado town is a place that she can finally call home.

Did Gabe call the mine?

Did Gabe Make The Call? [Mandatory] At Gabe’s wake, Ryan will confront Mac, angrily accusing him of ignoring Gabe’s call to halt the scheduled detonation in the mine. To this, Mac will say he got no such call and Gabe must have made a mistake.

How did Alex survive the fall Life is Strange?

However, when he gets to the mine shaft, Jed pulls a gun on Alex and shoots her, leaving her for dead down in the mine. What Jed doesn’t know, however, is that Alex survives the gunshot and her subsequent fall.