What does MTG do for horses?

What does MTG do for horses?

Today, M-T-G is used on animals, and horse owners in particular use it to treat dozens of conditions, including rain rot, scratches, sweet itch, dandruff and even thrush. You can also use it to loosen wind knots and remove smegma stains from the insides of your gelding’s legs.

How does Shapley’s MTG work?

Original M-T-G provides results after just one application! Formulated to eliminate the causative agent creating the skin problem, it conditions the skin and hair around the damaged area, promoting both healthy skin and maximum hair growth.

Does MTG make your hair grow?

5 to . 75 inches a month, which is what I was getting before I started using MTG. For me, it isn’t a miracle product and it’s not giving me an inch a month or anything like that. Since I’ve started using it, I’d say I’ve gotten about an inch and a half of growth, which is perfectly normal.

Does MTG regrow hair?

Original M-T-G and NEW Original M-T-G plus have another, also miraculous, use. It will grow mane and tail hair by as much as 3 inches a month. It is tested and proven by users to grow hair length and add volume.

Is MTG safe for horses?

Developed by a barber in 1938 to treat human skin conditions, Original M-T-G has proven itself to be nothing short of miraculous for horse skin issues. Original M-T-G is time tested and proven. It is veterinarian recommended as the only solution needed for a variety of bacterial and fungal skin problems.

How do you use MTG for horses?

M-T-G is applied by rubbing a small amount of undiluted liquid onto the area of your horse’s mane or coat where you need to treat it. Do not rinse the area or wash it out. You can apply M-T-G multiple times without washing the area. M-T-G is not a shampoo and it will leave behind a bit of a residue.

How often should I wash my horses mane?

Generally, it’s best to wash your horse before every show, and about once a month during times of the year when you’re not showing. “If you live in a dry climate, or if your horse has flaky or dry skin, you may want to wash his tail less frequently,” Bray suggests.

How often should you brush a horse’s mane and tail?

4. To stimulate healthy tail growth, brush the dock of your horse’s tail daily with a dandy brush. This will loosen and remove dirt and dander, which can make your horse itchy. Brushing the dock and upper part of the tail bone also increases blood flow, which stimulates growth and promotes healthy horse tails.