What does kezban mean in Turkish?

What does kezban mean in Turkish?

Explanation: Kezban is a female name in Turkey.It is derived from Arabic language and it means liar in Arabic.

What is the meaning of Sağol?

Sağol means ‘thank you’. It’s direct translation ‘be healthy’ – ‘sağ’ means ‘health’ , ‘ol’ means ‘be’. Sağol usually used to express appreciation, gratitude.

What language is sagol?


Hanu sagol
Place of origin Korea
Associated national cuisine Korean cuisine
Main ingredients Beef leg bones
Cookbook: Sagol Media: Sagol

What does the word Bitanem mean?

English translation: My intimate friend GLOSSARY ENTRY (DERIVED FROM QUESTION BELOW) Turkish term or phrase: bi tanem. English translation: My intimate friend.

What does sagol mean in Hebrew?

25, 2014 Updated: Apr. 10, 2018. The Hebrew word for purple is sa-GOL. This is a relatively new addition to the Hebrew language.

What does sagol mean in Bengali?

What is the etymology and pronunciation of the Bengali word ( ছাগলের বাচ্চা) which means ” a goat baby”. Is it pronounced as “sagol”? Thanks.

What does black mean in Hebrew?

While the modern Hebrew word for black, sha-KHOR, does appear in the Bible, it only appears in the post-exilic texts, thus it appears to have been picked up during the Jews’ exile in Babylon some 2,500 to 3,000 years ago.

What is the Hebrew word for violet?

The Hebrew word for purple is sa-GOL.

What does pink mean in Hebrew?

The Hebrew word for pink is va-ROD. This is a relatively new addition to the Hebrew language, as one might expect, if one accepts the theory of researchers Brent Berlin and Paul Kay. In 1969 they suggested that there is a basic order to which languages acquire words for colors, starting with just two: black and white.

How do you say colors in Hebrew?


  1. סָגֹל — purple, violet (adjective) sa-gol.
  2. אָדֹם — red (adjective) a-dom.
  3. כָּחֹל — blue (adjective) ka-ḥol.
  4. צָהֹב — yellow (adjective) tsa-hov.
  5. כָּתֹם — orange (adjective) ka-tom.
  6. יָרֹק — green (adjective) ya-rok.
  7. שָׁחֹר — black (adjective) sha-ḥor.
  8. לָבָן — white (adjective) la-van.