What does it mean if someone is oblivious?

What does it mean if someone is oblivious?

Definition of oblivious 1 : lacking remembrance, memory, or mindful attention. 2 : lacking active conscious knowledge or awareness —usually used with of or to.

What is an example of oblivious?

The definition of oblivious is being forgetful or unaware of your surroundings. An example of oblivious is someone walking out into the street without looking to see if a car is coming. Causing forgetfulness.

What do you call an oblivious person?

Inconsiderate, thoughtless, heedless, regardless. 12.

Is oblivious a feeling?

The sense of oblivious meaning “lacking active conscious knowledge or awareness” began to be used in the middle of the 19th century. Although the “forgetful” sense may still be found in writing, it is far less commonly encountered today than the sense meaning “unaware.” to all but the ache of our own bent backs.

How do you use oblivious in a sentence?

Oblivious sentence example

  1. She’s oblivious to everything.
  2. Could she possibly be oblivious to how beautiful she is?
  3. Oblivious to her danger, Jessi’s eyes dropped to her phone.
  4. The town of Ouray was so oblivious to these frequent winter gifts from Mother Nature that snow caused not a hitch in the local activities.

What does it mean when a girl is oblivious?

unmindful; unconscious; unaware (usually followed by of or to): She was oblivious of his admiration.

What’s a trigger happy?

Definition of trigger-happy 1 : irresponsible in the use of firearms especially : inclined to shoot before clearly identifying the target. 2a : inclined to be irresponsible in matters that might precipitate war. b : aggressively belligerent in attitude.

How do you use the word oblivion?

Oblivion in a Sentence 🔉

  1. After I was given the sedative, I was in complete oblivion and unaware of my surroundings.
  2. Jim was so miserable in his marriage he often drank himself into oblivion to escape his sorrow.

What does it mean to live in oblivion?

1 : the state of forgetting or having forgotten or of being unaware or unconscious. 2 : the state of being forgotten The tradition has drifted into oblivion.

What do you call a person who is unaware?

heedless, negligent, oblivious, unconcerned, unfamiliar, uninformed, incognizant, blind, careless, daydreaming, deaf, doped, forgetful, inattentive, insensible, mooning, nescient, not all there, out cold, out of it.

Is it oblivious or oblivious?

Oblivious to and oblivious of can both be used the same way. You can generally pick one based on which sounds better in the context of the sentence. Essentially, they both mean that someone is unaware of something.

What is a word for acting without thinking?

impulsive. adjective. someone who is impulsive tends to do things without thinking about what will happen as a result.