What does it mean democratize?

What does it mean democratize?

democratized democratizes democratizing. See word origin. Frequency: Democratize is defined as to change the governing structure of a society or group of people in order to make the governing body one that is ruled by the people, or to make something more widely available to everyone.

What does democratized learning mean?

Democratized learning involves all employees Qualifying and sharing knowledge from those who are most directly connected to customers, products and services, allows others to learn from it and improve.

What is another word for democratize?

Democratize Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for democratize?

equalizeUS level
adjust align
commeasure communize
compare coordinate
democratiseUK emulate

Why is the democratization of learning important?

Why is democratized learning useful? Because democratization occurs within an organization, both the company and the employees reap rewards from the ideas you source and put into action. When applied to learning, you’re engaging those employees who work every day with your customers, product, and processes.

What does democratize money mean?

Democratizing money will therefore ensure equal opportunity to the ownership of property, and thus full participation in the democratic governance of society, as well as equal access to the banking system, which finances the creation of capital via the creation of money.

What is the noun form of the word democratize?

Derived forms of democratize democratization or democratisation, noun.

How do you democratize knowledge?

How to Democratize Knowledge Across Your Organization

  1. Choose a Central Hub for Your Knowledge.
  2. Conduct a Knowledge Audit.
  3. Make It As Simple As Possible to Share Knowledge.
  4. Make Knowledge Sharing Part of Your Company Culture.
  5. Reduced Time Spent Searching.
  6. Reduced Risk of Duplicated Work or Lost Knowledge.
  7. New Innovations.

Why MOOCs are called democratized learning?

MOOCs are considered a means for democratizing education. These courses will hopefully provide an opportunity for individuals to learn from the best educators in the world, as well as help expand their personal networks, and facilitate their career development.

Who said democratization of education for all social classes?

Dewey, J. (1916) Democracy and Education: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education. New York: The Free Press. Hudson, B.

What does it mean to democratize knowledge apex?

The democratization of knowledge is the acquisition and spread of knowledge amongst a wider part of the population, not just privileged elites such as clergy and academics.

What is the democratization of knowledge?

The democratization of knowledge is the acquisition and spread of knowledge amongst a wider part of the population, not just privileged elites such as clergy and academics. Libraries, in particular public libraries, and modern digital technology such as the Internet play a key role, as they provide the masses with open access to information .

What is democratic access to knowledge?

Democratic access to knowledge has also been co-opted to mean providing information in a variety of formats, which essentially means electronic and digital formats for use by library patrons.

What is the meaning of democratize?

English Language Learners Definition of democratize. : to make (a country or organization) more democratic. formal : to make (something) available to all people : to make it possible for all people to understand (something)

What is an example of the democratization of Technology?

The printing press was one of the early steps towards the democratization of knowledge. Another small example of this during the Industrial Revolution was the creation of libraries for miners in some Scottish villages in the 18th century. The democratization of technology has played a major facilitating role [in what?].