What does Apollo Belvedere represent?

What does Apollo Belvedere represent?

This drawing depicts the Apollo Belvedere (7′ 3” high), a Roman copy of a lost bronze original dated c. 350– 325 BC by the Greek sculptor Leochares. The figure represents the Greek god Apollo after his defeat of the serpent Python using a bow and arrow.

Where is the original Apollo Belvedere?

The Apollo Belvedere (also called the Belvedere Apollo, Apollo of the Belvedere, or Pythian Apollo) is a celebrated marble sculpture from Classical Antiquity….

Apollo Belvedere
Dimensions 224 cm (88 in)
Location Vatican Museums, Vatican City

Who made Apollo Belvedere sculpture?

Giovanni Angelo MontorsoliCd “torso del Belvedere” / ArtistGiovanni Angelo Montorsoli, also known as Giovann’Agnolo Montorsoli, was a Florentine sculptor and Servite friar. He is today as often remembered for his restorations of famous classical works as his original creations. Wikipedia

Who carved the statue of Apollo?

Apollo, also known as Apollo-David, David-Apollo, or Apollino, is a 1.46 m unfinished marble sculpture by Michelangelo that dates from approximately 1530.

What was Apollo Belvedere The god of?

Apollo the god of the sun, music, poetry, medicine, etc. exists in both Roman and Greek mythology. This god, whom encompasses many different intellectual things, is depicted as the peak of masculine beauty.

What is Apollo holding in his hand?

This is a bronze roman sculpture of Apollo. This representation of Apollo caters to his healing powers versus his fighting powers. The focus on this sculpture is his lyre and his laurel. It is believed that he held a laurel trunk in his left hand.

What period is the Apollo Belvedere from?

The sculpture of Apollo Belvedere was referred to by J. J. Winckelman as “the consummation of the best that nature, art, and the human mind can produce”. This statue is thought to be a second century marble copy of a Greek bronze original. It was found in the late 15th century and acquired by the Vatican in 1511.

How old is the statue of Apollo?

Archaeologists are now forced to determine the age and provenance of the sculpture solely from images online, with experts saying the statue was cast roughly 2,000 years ago.

Was Michelangelo’s David unfinished?

The sculpture is so named because there is no real consensus on whom it depicts. In 1530, Michelangelo started a small marble of David. It has been speculated that he abandoned this symbol of Florence and tried to adapt it to a classical Apollo but ultimately left the piece unfinished.

What is Apollo’s myth?

According to Greek mythology, Apollo was the son of Zeus, king of the gods, and the Titaness, Leto. Upon being born, Apollo was fed with an immortality drink called ambrosia due to which he became instantly a man. He then went on to slay the serpent Python who had troubled his mother Leto while she was pregnant.

Who is Apollos wife?

Consort Daphne, Kyrene, Cassandra, Calliope, Coronis, Thalia, Leucothea
Children Asclepius, Troilus, Aristaeus, Orpheus, Korybantes
Parents Zeus and Leto