What does a freight auditor do?

What does a freight auditor do?

Responsibilities: Analyze and interpret customer contracts and rates, audit invoice payment information, and file overcharge claims. Support other departments to facilitate payment of the overcharge claims. Communicate with carriers and/or clients to address issues related to our audits.

What is FBAP?

FBAP is the process of checking and verifying freight bills. It involves cross-checking these bills with their corresponding shipments. Companies usually outsource their freight bill audit and payment to other companies.

What is freight post audit?

In the most simple sense, a freight bill post-payment audit is the process of reviewing and validating your freight carrier’s invoices. It’s an extremely tedious and careful process where an outsourced party is tasked with verifying the accuracy of bills and payment thereof.

Why is freight audit important?

Freight auditing is performed to make sure your company’s goods are reaching your customer in a timely, cost-efficient way. Auditing freight bills will guarantee that all charges that your company makes are legitimate and fair for all parties involved.

What is freight audit pay?

If errors are found on the shipper’s invoice, their chosen freight audit and payment company would reach out to the carrier to ensure that it is corrected and a new invoice is issued. In short, a freight audit service ensures that your actual freight invoice matches what you were quoted at the time of shipment.

What is freight invoice auditing?

A freight audit is a business process where the company’s freight bills are examined, adjusted and verified for accuracy. The first step is to examine the company’s invoices for errors.

What is freight reconciliation?

Match freight bills with freight invoices using automatic or manual reconciliation. Matching is the process of finding the freight bills that correspond to each freight invoice. This can be done by matching the invoice lines one-by-one (manual matching), or by matching all available invoices at once (auto matching).

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When should you hire a freight audit company?

When Should You Hire A Freight Audit Company? Transportation accounts for about 54% of a shipper’s total logistics expenditures. Naturally, shippers want to ensure that their freight invoices are valid, accurate and paid on time. Transporter chargers are constantly fluctuating and are largely affected by the oil market.

What are the steps to audit freight bills?

Freight audit. An examination of records or financial accounts to check their accuracy. An adjustment or correction of accounts. An examined and verified account. A freight audit vendor is therefore one who examines, adjusts and verifies freight bills for accuracy. Therefore, a freight audit is the process of examining, adjusting and verifying

What is freight auditing?

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What is a freight invoice audit?

Discount verification: Do the discounts on the invoice match your price agreement with the carrier?

  • Did the carrier make a math error?
  • Late delivery: If your guaranteed shipment was delivered late,you don’t pay.
  • Duplicate invoices: These are extremely common in the freight industry.