What do you do as a store manager?

What do you do as a store manager?

A store manager is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a store, making sure it runs smoothly and effectively. Their duties include motivating sales teams, creating business strategies, developing promotional material, and training new staff.

Is Spencer’s Gifts still in business?

Spencer Gifts LLC, doing business as Spencer’s, is a North American mall retailer with over 600 stores in the United States and Canada….Spencer Gifts.

A Spencer’s outlet at the Northridge Fashion Center in Los Angeles, California
Trade name Spencer’s
Type Private company
Industry Retail
Founded June 19, 1947

What are the benefits of working at Spencer’s?


  • Competitive salary.
  • Aggressive bonus plan.
  • Advancement opportunities.
  • Life & AD&D Insurance.
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan.
  • Tuition Reimbursement.
  • Short and long term disability.

What are the benefits of a store manager?

8 Perks of Retail Management

  • Each day is different.
  • Sometimes, every day is the same.
  • The discount, obviously.
  • You’re really good at time management.
  • You learn to think on your feet.
  • You’ve mastered the art of patience.
  • You’ve become a pro at problem-solving.
  • You get to talk to real people.

What are 4 job responsibilities of a retail manager?


  • Organize all store operations and allocate responsibilities to personnel.
  • Supervise and guide staff towards maximum performance.
  • Prepare and control the store’s budget aiming for minimum expenditure and efficiency.
  • Monitor stock levels and purchases and ensure they stay within budget.

How much is Spencers employee discount?

30% employee discount 40% during street wise(first weekend of the month when you get your paycheck) and I think 35% on you birthday We often have store competitions where the store that sells the most amount of one particular theme ie(ie rick and morty or steven rhodes) all Associate gets a $10-$15 store gift card if …

What’s it like to work at Spencers?

Working at spencers is mostly really fun however the pay is very low and there are very few benefits. If youre looking for a fun laid back job and dont need to make very much money at all, this is a great place for you to work.

What are 2 disadvantages of being a manager?

Here are the downsides to being the boss.

  • You Have to Fire People. It’s not like on a television show where the person is such a screw-up and the boss is so indignantly righteous that firing the person is the only logical thing to do.
  • You Have to Hire People.
  • The Buck Stops Here.
  • Stress.
  • The Bureaucracy.
  • The Employees.

Which is a disadvantage to being a manager?

As a manager, the expectations regarding your performance may be higher than when you were a rank-and-file employee. You may be responsible for the performance of several people. So instead of a typical 40-hour week, you may have to work evenings, weekends and holidays to meet the demands of the position.