What do Infestors do?

What do Infestors do?

The infestor is a ground support unit which is capable of moving while burrowed. The infestor does not have a standard attack. It can also temporarily take control of a single enemy unit with its Neural Parasite ability.

Can swarm hosts burrow?

In the Heart of the Swarm campaign, swarm hosts function differently. They do not burrow, instead using the root command.

Can marauders attack air?

The marauder can only attack ground targets. Its attack is more powerful against armored units; it may slow units, except for massive units….Versus.

Hotkey T
Duration 11

What are marauders good for?

The Marauder’s extra damage against Armored units is particularly effective against Stalkers and Colossi. Additionally, Marauder Concussive Shells will prevent a retreating Protoss army from getting too far, then allowing the Terran player to hunt them down if they have enough forces to do so.

What is good against marauders?

The best ways to counter marauders are speedlings (with or without infestors), mutalisks and good mutalisk harassment, and in the late game, brood lords. Speedlings are amazing against pure marauders, which get surrounded, have their AI and pathing destroyed, and do relatively little damage to unarmored units.