What are the parts of the lower limbs?

What are the parts of the lower limbs?

You lower extremity is a combination of parts:

  • hip.
  • thigh.
  • knee.
  • leg.
  • ankle.
  • foot.
  • toes.

How many parts are in the lower limb?

Like the upper limb, the lower limb is divided into three regions. The thigh is that portion of the lower limb located between the hip joint and knee joint. The leg is specifically the region between the knee joint and the ankle joint. Distal to the ankle is the foot.

What are the 6 regions of the lower limb?

Therefore, the lower limbs comprise the following six regions:

  • Buttock or gluteal region.
  • Thigh or femoral region.
  • Knee or knee region.
  • Leg or leg region.
  • Ankle or talocrural region.
  • Foot or foot region.

What is lower leg in anatomy?

The lower leg refers to the portion of the lower extremity between the knee and ankle. This area consists of bones, muscles, tendons, and nerves that all work together to allow the leg to function. The lower leg plays a key role in standing, walking, running, jumping, and other similar weight-bearing activities.

What body parts are limbs?

‘The limbs’ describes the anatomy of the upper limb—divided into the arm between shoulder and elbow; the forearm between elbow and wrist; and the hand below the wrist—and the lower limb, which is divided into the thigh between hip and knee; the leg between knee and ankle; and the foot below the ankle.

What is the function of the lower limbs?

The robust bones of the lower limb support the weight of the upper body, facilitate locomotion, and contain strong, stable joints. tibia form the knee joint; the distal end of the tibia and fibula form part of the ankle joint.

What is the name of the lower part of the body?

Inferior or caudal – away from the head; lower (example, the foot is part of the inferior extremity). Anterior or ventral – front (example, the kneecap is located on the anterior side of the leg). Posterior or dorsal – back (example, the shoulder blades are located on the posterior side of the body).

Where is lower limb located?

Chapter Review. The lower limb is divided into three regions. These are the thigh, located between the hip and knee joints; the leg, located between the knee and ankle joints; and distal to the ankle, the foot. There are 30 bones in each lower limb.

What is the lower body?

Lower body exercises are primarily for the legs, thighs, hips, and buttocks.

What are the parts of the limbs?