What are the parts of a Dalek called?

What are the parts of a Dalek called?

“Anatomy of a Dalek”

  • Eye.
  • Shutter.
  • Insulator discs.
  • Voice machine and translator unit.
  • Transmitter.
  • Safety valves.
  • Recording screens.
  • Computer.

Do Daleks have eyes?

“New Series” Daleks have a clear lens which glows with a blue light while New Paradigm Daleks, introduced in the episode “Victory of the Daleks” (2010), are equipped with an “organic eyeball” set behind a small transparent hemisphere.

What are the balls on Daleks?

The lower half of a Dalek’s shell is covered with hemispherical protrusions, or ‘Dalek-bumps’, which are shown in the episode “Dalek” to be spheres embedded in the casing.

What is the creature inside a Dalek?

So though Daleks may look entirely robotic, they are in fact cybernetic organisms with a biological body encased by a protective outer shell. The inner casing, in which the actual Dalek resides, also holds a life-support system and a battle-computer for strategic and tactical knowledge.

What does the Dalek laser do?

To destroy from within so completely that no trace will be left, nothing that can be identifiable.” The Dalek gun is designed in Doctor Who to not affect the outer shell of a target, simply because a gooey mess is harder to clear up.

Do Daleks have 360 vision?

They have a rotatable midsection, (usually) bearing the gunstick and a plunger-like extendable manipulator arm capable of mimicking the motions of a natural arm. The head dome is also capable of rotating 360 degrees, and the eyestalk can move up and down.

What is the head Dalek called?

This fits chronologically the fact that Remembrance depicts Davros as just a head inside the Emperor Dalek.

What can destroy a Dalek?

The only things that can pierce Dalekanium armour are either high explosives (Resurrection of the Daleks or Day of the Daleks come to mind) or high powered energy weapons (Destiny of the Daleks, Five Doctors, Resurrection of the Daleks, etc.).

How are people turned into Daleks?

The species converted into Daleks were left as simple nervous system tissue and mutilated flesh, and were conditioned with Dalek programming – which they could seldom overcome – usually through intense emotion. Most other Daleks of human origin did not display this level of psychosis.

Are the Daleks dead?

Daleks did not die naturally, every cell being genetically hardwired with an impulse to keep on living, (TV: The Witch’s Familiar) even if they were chopped to pieces and left buried for centuries away from their casings.