What are sachets packaging?

What are sachets packaging?

Sachet packaging is a highly popular option for all kinds of products, from cookies to cosmetics. Sachets are made by sealing flexible barrier films on all four sides to protect the contents inside from light, moisture and oxygen.

What is a sachet in pharma?

This sachet is designed to protect soft gel capsules. The multilayer packaging film structure includes foil, providing high-barrier protection for this pharmaceutical product.

Which of the following materials are used in pharmaceutical packaging?

Glass: It is the most commonly used material for primary packaging.

  • Plastic: It is used as the primary as well as secondary packaging of the pharmaceutical product.
  • Metal: Type of metal used are steel, aluminum, and alloys of aluminum.
  • What is Alu Alu packing?

    Alu-alu packing meaning aluminium foil at upper and lower side of pack as shown in image below. Alu-Alu Packing Example. Blister Packaging: Lower side is of aluminium foil and upper side side is of PVC material as shown in image below.

    Which paper is used for packaging of powder?

    19 Powder Papers Hygroscopic and volatile drugs can be protected best by using a waxed paper, double-wrapped with a bond paper to improve the appearance of the completed powder. Parchment and glassine papers offer limited protection for these drugs.

    What is sachet packaging?

    Sachet Packaging, simplified by Nichrome. Today across the world, across industries, sachet packs are growing in popularity. These small packets, made by sealing flexible packaging material on all four sides, are now the norm in the aviation and hospitality sectors.

    What is packaging material in pharmaceutical packaging?

    packaging material. Any material, including printed material, employed in the packaging of a pharmaceutical product, excluding any outer packaging used for transportation or shipment. Primary packaging materials are those that are in direct contact with the product (1).

    What products can be made with the pv-215 sachet packaging technology?

    PV-215 is suitable for an amazingly large and diverse range of sachet packaging applications: Pharmaceutical: Cream Gel, Lotions (burn, insect bite), Iodine, ORS and Other Free Flowing and Granular Powders, Capsules, Tablets, Free Flowing and Non-free Flowing Powders, Alcohol Pad, Wet Wipes Medical Devices, Syringes

    What VFFS machines does nichrome offer for sachet packaging?

    For high-speed sachet packaging, Nichrome offers VFFS multilane machines: PV-215. These are high speed, flexible, PLC-controlled machines from Prodo-Pack, USA, a global leader in multilane technology.