What are nifa capacity grants?

What are nifa capacity grants?

NIFA provides support for research and extension activities at land-grant institutions through grants to the states on the basis of statutory formulas. NIFA capacity grants are subject to the same OMB Circulars and Department regulations, with the exceptions identified in the NIFA Regulations. …

What is a capacity grant?

A capacity-building grant is a financial award to a nonprofit organization used to develop competencies, strategies, systems, and structures in order to improve organizational effectiveness. These capacity-building grant activities strengthen an organization to grow its impact and accomplish its mission and goals.

What are examples of capacity building?


  • Synthesizing Existing knowledge – for example, creating videos, brochures, website text, social media campaign, or a marketing plan.
  • Extending Knowledge to New Communities – e.g. efforts to translate materials into Spanish, adapting materials to new audiences, etc.

How do you write a capacity building grant?

When you write your capacity building grant, directly reference how your organizational growth or expansion reflects the mission of the grantmaker; describe how their investment in your organization’s capacity will better position you to continue to carry the mission of the grantmaker.

What is the difference between capacity building and capability building?

Capacity, then, is a finite resource but is renewable under certain deliberate conditions. On the other hand, “capability building” refers to the skills and knowledge required for a particular task. An organization may have the capacity to change, but lack certain key capabilities.

How do you build capacity?

The six steps are: Conducting training need assessment, engage stakeholders on capacity development, assess capacity needs and assets, formulate a capacity development response, implement a capacity development response, evaluate capacity development.

What are the types of capacity building?

Types of Capacity-Building Providers and Some Ways to Learn More About Them

  • Nonprofit consulting groups.
  • Nonprofit intermediaries.
  • Research institutions.
  • Academic centers and schools and programs that focus on organizational development and nonprofit management and administration.
  • Nonprofit associations.