What are different ways to say noted?

What are different ways to say noted?

What is another word for noted?

famous celebrated
recognizedUS respected
acclaimed eminent
famed foremost
illustrious notable

How do you say it’s formally?

More formal ways to say “I got it”:

  1. I see.
  2. That makes sense.
  3. It makes sense now.
  4. It’s clear now.

How do you start Agree Disagree essay?

Just paraphrase the essay question and present your opinion. Make sure your opinion is consistent from introduction to conclusion. Each body paragraph presents a reason for your view. Your body paragraphs should explain your views with relevant detail.

How do you start a do you agree essay?

Write your introduction in two sentences:

  1. Sentence 1 – paraphrase the statement (you can use ‘it is argued/considered/thought that’ to start):
  2. Sentence 2 – say whether you agree or disagree with it and extend your opinion:

How do you write an agreement for an essay?

Paragraph One -Introduction

  1. State the premise that the essay will address (you can simply rephrase the words in the task).
  2. State your opinion in the matter.
  3. Briefly outline what you are going to write in the next two paragraphs to support your opinion.

Is it rude to say good for you?

The US English phrase Good for you! is an informal way to say congratulations. Using Good for you! sarcastically would be very, very rude of course. You would know it is sarcasm from the unpleasant sound of the person’s voice.

Is saying gotcha rude?

I hate the phrase “gotcha.” Its used by rude people to abruptly end conversations. Maybe some of the people who say this are not intentionally rude, but it is still a bad habit. My neighbor’s overuse of this phrase is a reason I hate having conversations with him and avoid him.

What does gotcha mean in English?

: an unexpected usually disconcerting challenge, revelation, or catch also : an attempt to embarrass, expose, or disgrace someone (such as a politician) with a gotcha.

Is Gotcha a slang?

(colloquial) Got you; have you; as in capture or apprehend. I gotcha now, ya little twerp. (colloquial) Got you covered, got your back; when you have an advantage or responsibility over someone. (colloquial) A potential problem or source of trouble.

How do you write a balance essay?

Make a list of the points for and against. Remember that the key to writing a good balanced essay is to include as many arguments you disagree with as those you agree with. They should be noted impartially although in your conclusion you can say why you find one side more convincing than the other.

What is a better word than got?

Got Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for got?

found achieved
procured snapped up
took possession of got into one’s hands
got one’s mitts on got one’s fingers on
laid one’s hands on took

Is it rude to say Got it?

As one reply rightly says, it’s often not what we say, but how we say it. Even ‘I got it!” can sound fine if spoken with a smile, maybe a nod, and a pleasant tone. First off the bat, “l got it” does not sound rude. It’s not rude to me at all.

What should I say instead of gotcha?

Gotcha Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for gotcha?

snag catch
hitch pitfall
gimmick joker
booby trap land mine
difficulty stumbling block

Is Gotcha a proper word?

Gotcha is used in written English to represent the words ‘got you’ when they are pronounced informally.

What’s another way to say I agree?

I agree. Absolutely! You’re absolutely right. Exactly!

What does it mean when a girl says gotcha?

I got you, I understand

What does OK got you mean?

In (at least American) slang, saying “I got you” means either “I get what you’re saying” or “I’ve got your back”. In child games of tag, saying “I got you!” means that you caught someone.

Is yea a real word?

3 Answers. ‘Yea’ is a real but antiquated word, still in use in various contexts e.g. ‘Whose job is it to say yea or nay? ‘Yeah’ is the representation of an informal pronunciation of ‘yes’. (OED).

How do you agree a statement?

Ways of expressing agreement:

  1. That’s right/You’re right/I know: used when agreeing with someone:
  2. Exactly/Absolutely/I couldn’t agree more: used for saying that you completely agree with someone:
  3. You can say that again/You’re telling me: a more informal way of saying that you completely agree with someone:

How do you say OK in a cool way?

However, if your friend asks you to pick up some tacos, and you feel inclined to do so, you can respond with these variations:

  1. OK.
  2. K.
  3. Okay.
  4. Okie dokie.
  5. Alright.
  6. Alrighty.
  7. Sounds good.
  8. For sure.