What are carrier messaging rates?

What are carrier messaging rates?

Mobile Messaging Rates Meaning These phrases simply mean that the text message and data fees that the consumer pays apply to the automated text messages that they are opting in to receive. This disclosure is required by the mobile carriers within an opt-in SMS confirmation.

What is standard rate apply?

Definition of standard rate : a basic or minimum rate established for similar work or occupation within a plant, industry, or community by collective agreement or union rule or by law.

What does standard SMS fees may apply?

For pay-per-use texting, you’re charged $0.20 per SMS message and $0.30 per MMS message. Verizon: If you don’t have the unlimited plan, it’s $0.20 per message sent and received in the Nationwide Rate and Coverage Area. International text messages cost $0.25 per message sent and $0.20 per message received.

What does this may cause charges on your mobile account mean?

Short code warning message This means that the first time a user responds to a message from a shortcode, such as the one xMatters uses, a system warning message (like the one below) cautions users that responding to a short code “may cause charges” to their account.

Do you get charged for texting?

The truth about text messages is that they don’t put any additional load on a cellular network. They’re sent along with other data that’s already being used with the wireless network. A text is basically free for a carrier to send.

How do I find my SMSC number?

For Android

  1. Open up your SMS message app.
  2. Go to “Message”
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Select “More Settings”
  5. Select “Text Messages”
  6. Click “Message Centre”
  7. Set SMS centre number as “+6596845999”

How do I turn on text messages that cost money?

On more recent versions of Android (Nougat V7) the setting is at Settings > Apps > Application Manager > More (top right) > Special Access > Use Premium SMS services (may be listed as Use Premium text message services) > Select Ask, Never Allow or Always Allow.