What are Aran vans?

What are Aran vans?

The Auburn University ARAN van is a high-speed inertial profiler that is used to make profile-based roughness measurements in each wheel path on the surface of test pavements. Testing can be conducted at any speed between 15 mph and posted limits; therefore, roads do not have to be closed to facilitate data collection.

What is an Aran truck?

At first impression, the truck may sound like any run-of-the-mill vehicle, but its camera, lasers and bright strobe lights show it’s anything but ordinary. The truck is called the Automatic Road Analyzer, or ARAN, and it’s been contracted by the state to survey state highways, interstates and some other main roads.

What is an Aran automatic road analyzer?

ARAN (Automatic Road Analyzer) The ARAN is an advanced pavement data collection vehicle equipped with precision survey systems and software able to perform any roadway data collection task. The ARAN is a modular design; add only the exact systems you need to survey a road network.

Where are Aran sweaters made?

Aran Sweaters are traditionally made from pure merino wool in Ireland, and are usually hand knitted. They are not just sweaters but a good quality, stylish choice that will last longer than synthetic fibres and are comfortable to wear all year round.

What Colour is Aran?

A traditional Aran Jumper usually is off-white in colour, with cable patterns on the body and sleeves.

Where is Aran?

The Aran Islands are a group of three islands located at the mouth of Galway Bay, on the west coast of Ireland. The largest island is Inishmore; the middle and second-largest is Inishmaan and the smallest and most eastern is Inisheer.

Is Aran wool itchy?

If you are wondering whether your Aran Sweater will itch, you can rest assured that a real Aran Sweater, made from the highest quality merino wool, will not be itchy against your skin.

Is Red Heart yarn Aran?

Red Heart Soft (100g). Aran yarn for knitting and crochet.

What color is Aran Wool?

cream color
Aran is a term with multiple meanings and a rich history: it can refer to a particular style of sweater, cable stitch patterns, a natural cream color…and in this case a thickness of yarn (influenced by the style of Fisherman’s sweater).

Who lives on Aran island?

Currently there are around 1,250 people living on the islands, but tourism significantly increases this in the summer months. The Aran Islands are officially a Gaeltacht area where the Irish language and traditions have been kept alive in this hidden gem off the Irish west coast.